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10 Activities Engineers Should Definitely Do in Their 20’s

Remind yourself of these tips once in a while.

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Your 20’s are your first years of real adulthood, and some people say that this is the “one decade-long stint in the waiting room of life.” This is where all the experimentation, parties, and freedom comes in, but it’s not all happiness, this is also where struggles, challenges, pressure and stress comes in—and that matters a lot as well.

So how do we enjoy the positive parts of this period while still pushing ourselves to be awesome successful engineers at the same time? Here are some pieces of advice:


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This is one of the most common pieces of advice. Travelling doesn’t only set you free from the toxic world you live in, it also gives you a taste of other people’s world. So when you go travelling, don’t just take pictures, learn the stories behind every beach, city, or mountain you pass by, immerse yourself in the different cultures and learn how to survive independently in a new place. This way, you’re enjoying, and at the same time improving your communication skills.

Think of Money as a Result, Not a Goal.

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Everyone wants to live a good financially-free life in the future, but sometimes using money as your “definite goal” isn’t really a healthy mindset. Sometimes the best way to attain this goal is not to focus on money itself. Do your best at what you do, focus on strengthening your skills and talents, enjoy your work, take risks and learn from your mistakes. Money will follow.

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...But Don’t Forget to Save

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Money will follow, but it’s still important to save as early as now. Financial planning is very important, and as early as you step into your 20’s, get learning and start saving! For tips on how to manage your finances you might want to read one of our articles here.

Start Taking Care of Your Body

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It’s always good to have good health. Stop ignoring your body and start giving it more love and attention. If you’re not the type of person who likes to exercise or simply don’t have the time to, choose to do everyday activities with movements—like choosing to use the stairs instead of elevator, try taking a 10-minute walk to work etc.

Tame Your Gadgets

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Let’s admit it, we millennials just looove our tech. Most of us are known to be tied to our smartphones a LOT. There’s nothing wrong with using tech of course, but let’s learn to limit our usage so we can have more time for other things.

Forgive Yourself and Others for Mistakes

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Life is already stressful enough as it is, so stop holding grudges. Learn to forgive others and yourself. Accept that no one is perfect and learn to clear up misunderstandings as soon as you can. There will be really difficult people to handle and that’s alright, as long as you did your part and talked to them then at least you got that burden off your chest.

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Distance Yourself From Drama

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Drama just adds stress to your life, stay away from energy-sucking people. Avoid toxic people.

Learn More About Yourself

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Your 20’s is the best time to get to know yourself better. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, grow to love yourself, learn how to become a better person, and accept who you are as a whole.

Slow Down

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Don’t rush through life, take experiences, love, etc. one step at a time. When you rush through things you tend to miss the small things in life that make every event special.


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Engineers, your teeth are important too! The little things do count, and it’s always a good thing to take care of your dental health. You only have one set of teeth your whole life, so take care of them.

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