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10 Best Destinations To Study Engineering Abroad

If you want to be a kickass engineer, why not study in the best institution?

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Wanna study engineering overseas? Here’s some tips!



So you wanna be an engineer and ready to buy that scientific calculator… but have you considered studying abroad?

Engineers are definitely top drivers of technological and social changes in the world from the first pyramids up to the complex dams and reservoirs today. Definitely, engineers are the foundations of every human civilization.

It has become clear that our goals have exceeded the echelons of human ambition itself and we always ought to know and get the best, even in our first step to success, which is education.

To be an engineer, you first decide what to and where to pursue your undergrad study or masters degree in engineering.  And definitely studying abroad is a major decision.

There are many factors that can drive one to study abroad like scholarships but the most important thing one consider is the certainty of opportunities. These may pertain to employment or research opportunities.


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Also, other countries that are still developing may lack higher education infrastructure and are also not internationally recognized as they still do not meet the standards of a quality engineering education.

Among the 195 countries in the world today, 10 countries stand out as the best destinations to study engineering abroad. Let us take a look at the list below.

1. United States (US)

Known as the melting pot of innovations and opportunities for engineering students. The United States is and still the best destination to hone your engineering skills and to also get the right opportunities for you. What sets the American engineering education to other countries is its strong education system and synchronized relationships between the industry and the universities.

As of the latest QS World University Rankings for Engineering, MIT is the top engineering school today. Following MIT is Stanford University, coined as home to the Silicon Valley. Harvard University, University of California (Berkeley), University of Michigan and CalTech also follow the trail of top engineering schools in the country.

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2. United Kingdom (UK)

How about study engineering with the Royalties. As one of the richest nations in Europe, the United Kingdom education also boasts its prowess in engineering education. The UK also possessed world class expertise in advanced engineering be it mechanical, automotive or aerospace. Its top engineering institutions are the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the Oxford University.


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3. Singapore

Recently, Singapore has been exerting tremendous efforts in funding its science and technology sector. As a result, Singapore has now become a popular Asian destination for engineering studies. Companies are now recognizing its engineering education as the country focused on experiential learning, international orientation and exceptional engagement. National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are its leading engineering institutions.


4. Germany

From Einstein to Oppenheimer, personalities who changed the modern warfare through the Atomic Bomb, Germany indeed is the home of science prodigies. Today, Germany still leads the globe with the highest number of engineering facilities. Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Studies are available in its top engineering university, RWTH Aachen University.

5. Japan

We cannot argue with Japan’s Technology as it was the major champion in the global economic and technological revolution in the past decades. It is the home of the Toyota, Sony and Honda industries. Japanese education is known for its ethics and its creativity to invent and innovate especially in the mechanical, automotive, robotics and engineering research fields. University of Tokyo is its top engineering institution.


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6. Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its wide opportunities for mechanical and electrical engineering. Swiss Education is one of Europe’s most prestigious higher education systems and also a true European melting pot with its four official languages. It has two of Europe’s highest ranking engineering universities- ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.

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7. China

With its millions of factories and industries, the sleeping giant of Asia is also a top destination for engineering studies especially in the fields of Metallurgy, Automotive, Construction, Mining and Manufacturing. Tsinghua University is its top engineering institution included in the Top20 of the QS World University Rankings for Engineering.


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8. Italy

As the world’s center of the infamous Renaissance, its cultural revolution still fuels the industrial revolution in Europe. Italy is one of the best research facilities in the world today with CERN and Politecnico di Milano as one of its leading engineering institutes.

9. Australia

Australia’s mining and manufacturing sector makes it an industrial behemoth. The Australian education system make it exceptional as it emphasizes on research, practical experiences and trainings. It is also home for state-of-art training in producing organizational leaders and efficient engineers and employees in all levels. Its well renown engineering institutions are the University of Melbourne and the Monash University.


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10. South Korea

How about study engineering in Seoul? South Korea is one of the major competitors in the engineering field that can outpace even the western nations in terms of engineering education, technological inventions and innovations. This Asian Tiger is the home of highly tech savvy workforce in big industries and conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai. The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Seoul National University are its top engineering institutions.

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