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10 Reasons Why Engineers Make The Best Girlfriends

The Female Engineer— more than your average girlfriend.

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FACT: The best girlfriends, female engineers!

As she works her way through the engineering world, she learns a lot of things that make her different from other girls, a new persona to complement her own, she learns to be unique, confident, and sexy— the engineering way. They can be the best and most exciting partners you could ever have, and here’s why:

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1. They’re more Logical rather than Emotional

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Female engineers are trained problem solvers. They’d rather analyze the facts and find the root cause rather than base their judgment on pure feelings.


2. They can handle pressure

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Oh yes they can. They’ve pulled a whole bunch of all-nighters to solve some equation that was never solved before, or designing a bridge that could withstand Godzilla’s tail smash, and still come up with legit answers.


3. They’ve mastered the concept of stress and strain

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If ever you have a female engineer as a friend or girlfriend, you’ll notice this. When it comes to stress, they know how to cool down especially when it comes to their breaking point. They also know when you’ve come to yours. They are well balanced and know when to cope, but beware, if you push them further than they can handle… they just might apply some nuclear physics to your relationship.


4. They can fix their things around the house

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If they wanted to follow some furniture design on Pinterest, as long as they can manage, they won’t ask you for any help. They are much capable of doing their own shit.

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5. They know how to be one of the guys

The best girlfriends, female engineers (Source: Tumblr)

After going to school with all the testosterone, of course they’ve learned to adapt. No awkwardness, just playing it cool.


6. They enjoy playing video games

The best girlfriends, female engineers (Source: Giphy)

A lot of men find females who play video games or watch nerdy movies with them sexy. Well, most female engineers enjoy playing video games for the thrill of being challenged and enjoy learning the art of strategy.


7. They can teach you all the buttons on the calculator.

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Let’s face it, many people don’t know the use of EVERY button on the calculator— except engineers. If you have the hots for a female engineer, having her teach you every button can be a cute conversation starter.


8. They are self-sufficient

The best girlfriends, female engineers (Source: Emirate 24/7)

‘Coz they can handle their own expenses, thank you.


9. They understand heat transfer

The best girlfriends, female engineers (Source: Giphy)

Trained well in the Science of Thermodynamics, they understand this concept pretty well, if you know what I mean. From sharing a jacket under the romantic moonlight, to—ahem!


10. They’re good with their hands

The best girlfriends, female engineers (Source: Giphy)

From tinkering the ham radio to creating a BB-8 model from Star Wars. If they can do that, what’s stopping you from imagining what else they can do with those dexterous hands? Do I need to say more?

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This article may be a bit biased. Some might agree, and some may not. There are some mentioned traits that don’t apply to some, but is a definite match for others. But one things for sure, dating an engineer will surely electrify and rock your world.

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