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4 Signs to Tell that You Don’t Belong in Engineering School

If you are having doubts lately, this will help you decide if you belong in engineering school.

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Have you ever noticed that every after semester of study in engineering, you lose some of your classmates in your regular classes? The reasons behind their disappearance may vary from financial instability or hopelessness, but most likely, they realize that they do not belong in engineering school anymore.

The odds are that those classmates that you have lost in engineering school will be seen in other buildings in your university now taking another field or course. Somehow, it dawned upon them that engineering really just isn’t their match, so they took the step of getting out of it as early as they can.

So what makes one think that he or she is a complete misfit for engineering? Here are four signs to tell you that.

You cringe when people ask you to fix their electronics or fittings, or anything related to your course as an amateur.

Passionate engineers are willing to fix anything at their sight, more so things that are offered to them, because they feel challenged by problems that require critical thinking. That’s what engineers love to do. You also have to familiarize with tools and what they do as it is expected for engineers to be think like mechanics. When someone asks you to fix something for them, an engineer’s response should be accommodating no matter how much of a stereotype that favor can be.

Your discussions among engineering friends bore you to death.

Your engineer friends may have different personalities, but at least you should find a common ground with them. It could be anything under the sun that stimulates the mind or gives an engineer some fun or mental exercise.

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You’re incapable of asking and answering questions, because you’re always yawning during lectures.

Every engineer should be able to ask and respond, not just absorb the engineering principles without ever having to contest or question. It is a good sign for a budding engineer to be able to learn by asking and not just figuring it out on your own. If you feel like you are too smart for engineering to say that asking questions is unnecessary, that’s an ego problem.

You are more interested in things that don’t concern engineering.

Perhaps this is the ultimate determining factor that you do not really fit in engineering. You can’t be an engineer when all along what bursts your bubble are in culture and the arts. Engineers, with all their heart, are concerned with solving problems and creating devices that will help mankind. They have the curiosity that is innate to them and never imposed. If solving problems are not your ultimate goal as an engineering student, then you can’t really be an engineer.

If you’ve come to read this article in an attempt to seal an approval that you are a complete misfit in engineering school, and in every way, all four signs apply so well to you, be worried. If you still want to pursue to become an engineer, you need to turn these four things around and make the necessary changes. Do what needs to be done. But if this article convinced you enough that you do not really belong in engineering, search for your true passion and find solace with it.

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