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The Bare Conductive Electric Paint: It Conducts Electricity!

This extraordinary paint conducts electricity!

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(Source: Bare Conductive Electric Paint)
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Bare conductive electric paint is just like any other water-based paint. The only difference is that it conducts electricity, and it has a variety of applications. You can paint wires and sensors directly onto any material like paper, wood, plastic or glass.

Source: Bare Conductive

Here are some things you can do with electric paint

1. You Can Draw A Circuit

An electric paint tube will help you draw your circuit design seamlessly, and it can stick on almost any surface. You can create any design that is both functional and cool-looking.

2. You Can Perform Cold Solders

Electric paint is perfect for making solder joints or repairs. You can use this when you’re attaching a component onto a PCB, teaching electronics without the use of soldering irons, or when you need to attach a component to a heat-sensitive substrate. For kids who want to get into electronics, this is definitely a safe choice.

3. You Can Repair Small Devices

You can use electric paint to repair small breaks in circuits, membrane switches, and PCBs. It is easy to apply, and its adhesive properties lets it stick to most surfaces to provide lasting repair.

4. You Can Create E-Textiles

A paint that conducts electricity (Source: Bare Conductive Electric Paint)

Electric paint works well on most fabrics but it’s water based, so it will come off when you wash it. This can be useful in creating lighting finger puppets or making any fabric project that you want to add some electronics to.

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5. You Can Use It in The Classroom

A paint that conducts electricity (Source: Bare Conductive Electric Paint)

Electric paint is non-toxic, therefore it is safe to use for different classroom projects. It’s the perfect tool form demonstration on how basic circuits work while adding a twist

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