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Are We Getting Closer To Human Limb Regeneration?

Scientists have been working on growing different organs and body parts that could possibly be damaged and need replacement.

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Limb regeneration just like in Marvel movies… is it really possible?

Have you seen the latest Marvel Avenger’s Endgame, X-Men or Deadpool movies where their body can self-heal? We in this case, there are many factors that we can achieve this scientific phenomenon according to several scientists in USA, Europe and Asia. Not far from now, you will see military battalions who can battle like Wolverine or Deadpool and does not require doctors’ attention or medicine.

Nowadays, with the help of scientific research and high-end technologies, the medical field is now advancing at a fast rate. One solution for different biological problems are being developed one after the other, but there’s a particular topic that has baffled many scientists—limb regeneration.

Scientists have been working on growing different organs and body parts that could possibly be damaged and need replacement. But will there come a time wherein we won’t need to replace the lost parts? Can’t we just “grow” them back?

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Regeneration biology is the field of biology that studies animals that are capable of regenerating body parts, like salamanders, flatworms, and lizards. These scientists study them hoping that one day humans could as well.

When a wound is present, the outermost layer of skin covers the wound. A bump will appear and sends instructions to cells near and beneath it, then mature cells become immature ones called blastema. This is where regeneration begins. Blastema is the key to regeneration, and scientists are trying to make use of this concept to develop a way to apply it to humans. Hopefully, scientists will be able to overcome the difficulties and find the answer.

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