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Everything You Need to Know About Ultrasound Machines

Thanks to ultrasound therapy, there are better ways to bring our bodies back to good standing. Learn more on how ultrasound machines work in this quick guide

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Due to the advancements of technology, we’ve started to see the growth of ultrasound therapy. It is a safe, yet effective way to perform physical therapy on injured patients or athletes. And in this guide, we’ll show you why you should consider it as a valuable and alternative health therapy option.

How Do Ultrasound Machines Work?

Usually, an ultrasound machine is used for intensive therapy. The ultrasound waves are made by a piezoelectric effect. This effect is made by the vibration of crystals that are within the probe head.

The cavitation or vibration can create deep heating locally while there won’t be any sense of heat will be felt by the user. In certain situations where heating solutions aren’t desired, such as a recent injury with inflammation, the ultrasound machine can operate on a pulse setting and not continuously transmitted.

How Does Ultrasound Help You

The use of ultrasound can increase your local blood flow. And it can be used to reduce chronic inflammation and swelling. And based on some studies, ultrasound machines can help promote bone recovery.

The power density or the intensity of the ultrasound will be adjusted based on the desired effect. Having a higher density power (this is measured in ) this is measured when the scar tissue has broken down the goal.

You can also use ultrasound technology to make a state of phonophoresis. This is an effective way of administrating the correct medications to the tissues in your skin; great for patients that are suffering from severe injuries and are uncomfortable with medical injections.

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Using this technique, the ultrasound machine’s energy forces the medication on the patient’s skin. Cortisone, a medical adhesive that is used to reduce inflammation, is a commonly used substance that’s delivered this way.

In the most common conditions that can be treated via ultrasound therapy are tendonitis, muscle spasm, and nonacute joint swelling. Most of the ligament and muscle injuries are used to benefit from this form of medical ultrasound treatment.

When Should I Not Use Ultrasound

Like all solutions, ultrasound therapy isn’t suited for everyone. Local acute infection, metal implants placed below the treated area and placed on the pregnant woman’s abdomen. It is also not a good idea to use ultrasound epiphyseal regions (growth areas/plates) in young children and to be used on the eyes.

Since this is medical equipment, ultrasound therapy needs to be conducted by professionals. This includes your physiotherapist. Ultrasound therapy has a low chance of causing any adverse side effects.

Make sure that you call your physiotherapist in order to receive their full opinion. They will give you an expert opinion on how to utilize ultrasound machines based on your injury.


Ultrasound therapy is the future of health treatment. When in use, it allows the body to receive vibrations that can help it rejuvenate its previous strength. Conclusively, use it if you are looking for a healthier alternative, as it can improve your entire body function within a few hours of treatment.

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