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It’s a Bioplastic Mini Home Built Using 3D Printer Technology

This bioplastic 3d printed home is open for guests in a short-term stay.

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Bioplastic Mini Home

If you happen to pass by or already in Amsterdam, you’ve got to find this sleek and awesome bioplastic cabin that can accommodate guests on an overnight stay.

Made by Dutch studio DUS Architects, the all-black home called the 3D Print Urban Cabin is only 8 square meters in floor area complete with windows, a foldable bed, an entrance door and a stepped porch seating area. Its bathroom is just right outside, which is also 3D printed. The walls are with unconventional angular protrusions to create a three-dimensional surface that provides additional structural stability.

Source: Sophia van den Hoek via Dezeen

Considerably smaller than the average micro home, it features sustainable bio-plastic as its material, which is intended to be so to make the public aware of how additive manufacturing can offer solutions for temporary housing or disaster relief. The team collectively said, “The building is a research into compact and sustainable dwelling solutions in urban environments. 3D printing techniques can be used particularly well for small temporary dwellings or in disaster areas.”

Source: Ossip

Disposing the cabin is also environmentally friendly, being almost all of the materials reusable. The architects said that after use, the bio print material can be shredded entirely and re-printed into new designs.

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8 shares, 42 points
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