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Can Engineers Earn More Without Having Stressful Work?

Did you know that there are engineers who actually earn more without having too much stress in their work?

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It’s every engineer’s dream to practice their field without feeling stressed out with the tasks at hand.

Unfortunately, a lot of engineers are overworked yet underpaid. With little pay and more work given by our boss, we can’t help but feel irritable when we go to work. Some of us would even end up hating our job.

That’s what happens to most engineers in their fields. But did you know that there are engineers who actually earn more without having too much stress in their work?

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Apparently, there are careers in math, science and engineering that cause the least stress without losing the monetary value that come along with them.

In a database collected by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET), different jobs were rated based on the stress tolerance.

When one has low ratings, it means that the job is less stressful compared to the others.

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This rating takes into account how a professional copes with the stress at work in an effective manner.

This may only apply to US and UK professionals, but who knows, this may give you an idea on your next career move.

Materials Scientist

Studies and researches substances at the atomic and molecular levels which could lead to finding new ways to develop new materials

Stress tolerance rating: 53

Average annual earnings: $94,940 (£77,000)

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Applies the concept of mathematics to science, management and different fields

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Stress tolerance rating: 57

Average annual earnings: $112,560 (£92,000)

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Uses methods in statistics to analyze data and come up with solutions for different world problems

Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual earnings: $84,440 (£69,000)

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Conduct research while applying physical laws and theories. 

Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $118,500 (£97,000)

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Materials Engineer

Develops materials that can be used for products and meet specialized designs

Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $94,690 (£77,000)

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Biomedical Engineer

Analyzes and designs solutions to biological problems

Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: $91,230 (£75,000)

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Agricultural Engineer

Applies engineering technology and science to resolve agricultural issues

Stress tolerance rating: 61

Average annual earnings: £64,000

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Operations Research Analyst

The main job is to identify problems using mathematical and analytical methods, then find the best solution to resolve these issues.

Stress tolerance rating: 63

Average annual earnings: $84,180 (£69,000)

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Applications Software Developer

Develop or create software programs.

Stress tolerance rating: 65

Average annual earnings: $102,160 (£84,000)

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Computer Hardware Engineer

One normally does research or design computer-related equipment, which will be used in commercial, scientific, military, industrial purposes.

Stress tolerance rating: 67

Average annual earnings: $114,970 (£94,000)

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Technical Writer

For anyone who chooses to write technical materials. A Bachelor’s degree on engineering, web design or computer science is usually required. 

Stress tolerance rating: 69

Average annual earnings: $73,350 (£60,000)

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Article Sources:

Business Insider UK

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