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Civil Engineers vs Electronics Engineers: Who Is Better At Math?

For civil engineers and electronics engineers, they are often asked, “Are you better in math than engineers in other engineering fields?”

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When we talk about Electronics and Communications Engineering or simply Electronics Engineering (EcE), we can definitely say that you would require a good amount of practice in Mathematics.

In Electronics, mathematics is the key. All electronic designing and deriving are typical math based.

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Just like all other disciplines of engineering, Electronics engineering students have to learn all the fundamental mathematics subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Discrete math, and other general engineering mathematics subject that I may have forgotten to add.

What sets electronic engineering apart from other majors is the application of mathematics in the field of electronics, electronics design, and communications.


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The EcE field has subjects like analog electronics where students would solve a lot of numericals that are based on electronic components like transistors, resistors, capacitors and many more.

Another is Electrodynamics wherein students have to hone their skills in Vector Calculus.

In the field of circuit analysis and designing, a good background in mathematics is important as well.

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Just like all designs, one wrong value could ruin a perfectly good output plan and could even pose danger in practical situations.

In the field of communications, students are taught subjects wherein signals and systems are concerned, such as Control Systems, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, and Analog and Digital Design.

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Here, students would need a strong demand in their fundamentals of Calculus to solve practical problems using Fourier series and Laplace Transforms.

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They also have a subject wherein they need to combine their electronics knowledge and analytical design with communications to be able to create a complete communications system.

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These are just some of the subjects in the electronics engineering field that demand a strong knowledge in mathematics.

Now, each editor has presented their opinion on the matter.

What can you say? What do you think?

Be the judge and let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment below. 

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12 shares, 129 points
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