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13 Year Old Builds Tiny Home For Just $1,500

Luke Thill was able to build his own home at only 13 and only spent $1,500 on the whole project

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Tiny Home


It’s no secret that building your own house is a difficult task. It involves a great deal of money, time, and effort.

However, this tale that might inspire you: Luke Thill was able to build his own home at only 13 and only spent $1,500 on the whole project!

Read on to find out how he did it.

How To Pay For It?

The young man from Iowa came up with the concept of a “starter home” all by himself. Of course, he had to find a way to finance the project and had a lot to learn on his own. He resorted to working odd jobs in order to raise funding for his house.

His Inspiration

Luke explained on ABC News what his inspiration was: “I was just on YouTube looking around and came across a tiny house idea and then that spiraled into looking at almost every YouTube video there is…I got obsessed with them and decided to build my own.”

No Ordinary Kid

Apart from the fascination, another reason Luke decided to build a house was that he was bored during summer vacation! Unlike other kids who chose to stay indoors playing video games, this teen stayed active by building his own home.

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Once he was able to plan the building design, there was another mission he had to accomplish. Luke had to ask his folks for permission! Luckily, this wasn’t difficult as his parents saw his determination. They gave him permission to build anywhere on the property.

Dad’s Rules

Luke’s father Greg gave his son three simple rules regarding the construction. First, Luke needed to raise funds on his own. Second, he also had to build it by himself. Lastly, he would be the owner of the house. It’s amazing that Luke didn’t get discouraged and kept working towards his goal!

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Ground Rules

“We said, ‘If you’re that serious we have to set some ground rules,’” Greg told ABC News. “We told him he had to have the financial responsibility of it, raise the money, and choose the materials and stay in the budget.” That’s some good parenting!

Housing 101

In the end, Greg did not force his son handle everything by himself. However, he made sure to assist only when needed. This proved to be a good thing as the teenaged boy was able to learn how to wire a house, frame a structure, deal with adults, and make smart financial decisions.

Life 101

“It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports. It teaches life lessons,” said Greg. We’re with him on this one. Kids are now spending a lot more time on their phones, tablets, and computers instead of playing outside!

How He Made It Happen

Luke began by raising money on the web, mowing lawns, and finding reclaimed materials. He also bartered for additional help. Luke made many plans for his mission, some of which did not come to be. Nevertheless, most of them would turn out to be successful.

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The Barter System

Luke was able to get a good deal in exchange for various services. His neighbor asked him to clean the garage. In exchange, he helped wire the house. Luke also struck up a deal with a Scout leader. The terms? Mowing the lawn for carpet installation!

Proud Papa

Greg takes great pride in his son, sharing that: “He’s a very driven kid for his age. There were times the project got stalled out and he had to earn more money for the next phase. He wouldn’t let it go and kept working at it.”

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Luke Thill – The Minimalist

When it comes to funding, Luke was able to cut down on costs by asking his relatives and acquaintances for unwanted objects. His grandmother gave him leftover siding and a friend of his uncle gifted him a front door! “I liked the minimalism,” Luke said precociously. “And I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.” He definitely sounds older than 13!

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Aside from the door, his uncle’s friend also gave Luke some of his old windows. That’s definitely a welcome gift! Who has ever heard of a house without any windows, after all?

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Environment activists will love this fun fact: the tiny house was made using 75% recycled construction materials! The windows were also recycled. Most homes aren’t as sustainable as this one. After all, it usually costs a lot to have such an environment-friendly structure. It’s a good thing Luke has been able to accomplish this on his own.


The structure is 10 feet long and 5 and a half feet wide. It has a loft as well as an outside deck. Let’s not forget that the siding is 50% cedar shakes and 50% vinyl. We sure are impressed by Luke’s floor plan!

Come On In!

What about the interior area? You’ll be pleased to hear that he has a kitchen with a counter! There is also a sitting area fitted with an ottoman, a wall-mounted television, and a flip-down table. Impressive, don’t you think?

It’s A Shed

What about the bedroom? Luke was able to fit one it on the upstairs loft area. He has a mattress there for sleeping. According to the city codes, the tiny house is something of “a glorified shed”.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Luke’s plan was subject to criticisms from his school friends! It’s a good thing that the teenager was able to look past it. Apparently, nothing could stop him from making his dreams come true!

News Spread

It would not take long for the news to spread to the rest of the town! After all, the town had a small population of 58,000 citizens. Luke would receive a lot of questions about the project, so he decided that the best course of action was to launch his own YouTube channel. His tiny home would eventually catch the attention of the media!

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An Example

When watching other home construction videos, Luke noticed something. “I couldn’t find anyone younger than 14. I thought if no one is out there, I might as well do it so I started documenting the whole process and putting it on YouTube.”

An Inspiration

“Now lots of kids have messaged me and showed pictures of their tiny home that they’re building and they’re even younger than me,” said Luke. It’s great that he decided to post videos about the process! And nice to see just how much he has influenced others!

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Come On Down

As his project gained momentum on social media and across town, Luke was everutally called down to see the principal. He was a good student and this was rather unusual. “I don’t go there very often,” he said in one video. “I’ve never gone there for anything bad.”

You’re A Star

Luke would soon experience relief though. He was only asked to go down to the office because the principal was on good terms with a reporter who wanted to hear more about the project! Did you ever have a reporter write a feature about you when you were 13? Probably not!

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Quite The Mess

Luke learned many things during the construction period, but one of the biggest lessons was overcoming disappointment. Not everything went to plan. He even recounts his so-called “counter-top fail”. He resorted to using broken colored glass for a lacquer surface. When he began to pour the lacquer, it ended up being too runny!

Learning From His Mistakes

He didn’t give up, however! Luke was able to find a way to solve the problem. To make things work, Luke attached a traditional surface over the lacquer surface. Luckily, there was a hinge provided for storage purposes. We’re glad he didn’t have to start from scratch!

First Meal

Luke is also a rookie chef. He was able to demonstrate his cooking skills in one of his YouTube videos. He posted the “first meal” he had in his home: breakfast for dinner! The kid knows what he’s doing if you ask us.

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While his place was merely a “glorified shed” to the city code, other people admired his efforts. The young man was even invited to TinyFest as a guest speaker. The tiny home festival was held in Colfax, Iowa and served as Luke’s first speaking engagement. Despite this, he was able to deliver a great speech that the attendees all enjoyed!

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Golden Throne

According to his blueprint, Luke already had somewhere to eat and sleep. There was one thing missing, though… the toilet! It required a fully functional plumbing system, but a lot of cash and work were necessary for the installation process. Luke simply couldn’t afford it. Luckily his tiny home is in his parent’s background.

Cozy Setup

After one year, the tiny home was finally finished. We’re sure you’re thinking about the same thing: does Luke use it? The answer? He certainly does! He spends the night there a few nights every week. It is also his study space and receiving area. It took an entire year to finish, but at least Luke was able to finish his project.

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Cookouts And Chills

Yes, the house isn’t very large. However, he has enough space to hold cookouts in the backyard! It’s an area that he shares with his parents, but at least he can turn to his own home when he needs privacy.


Good Morning America was able to hold an interview with Luke Thill. They were also toured inside the tiny home! After appearing on national TV, a house designer would contact the teenager. Not just any designer — it was someone he looked up to!

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It would be none other than Derek Diedricksen, the author-designer whose works influenced Luke’s project. The teenager was understandably excited about this development! Not everyone gets to chat with their idols one-on-one. Derek gave Luke some advice and words of encouragement. The two are now friends on social media. It’s a good thing the platform exists — more people are now able to follow both inspirational designers!

In The Family

Luke is not the only Thill boy to express interest in design and construction! His brother Cole would actually follow in his footsteps. Instead of a tiny house, the younger boy went for a teardrop camper. Cole also opted for environment-friendly materials, created a YouTube channel, and planned out his budget carefully. He had one advantage, however: he had an experienced sibling to help him out!

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In Total

Luke gave a tour of the tiny home in one of his YouTube videos. In the same post, he also explained the financial cost of the project. He said that the overall cost was “more like $1,200, but I rounded it up just in case I forgot anything.”


Luke did not expect his summer project to earn so much attention! After all, it wasn’t part of the plan. Regardless, he took the opportunity to inspire other young people: “I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age.” How amazing is that?

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Upwards and Onwards

So what’s next for this little builder? “The main purpose is to be my starter home,” Luke explained. “I’m going to save money and expand.” His next goal is to create a bigger tiny home, one that could go on a trailer. This is a great idea if you ask us. Perhaps he can even take it to college! It will probably be more affordable than staying in the dorms.

Why Not?

“In a couple of years I want to build a bigger house and stay in it full-time,” he told ABC News. A tiny home is probably the perfect project to hone one’s building skills. It’s almost a given that Luke will be able to successfully build a larger structure!

The Best Part

When asked what his favorite part of building the home was, Luke gave a rather unexpected answer: “Me and my dad really bonded through the tiny home construction process…he was really busy but he made sure to spend time with me.” Not many teenagers would admit to that.

Smart Thinking

You probably don’t need more evidence of Luke’s intelligence, but here it is anyway: “Everyone had to have a big house, and now people have changed and realized it’s not practical. You can save money, travel the world and do what you want instead.” You’d expect that advice to come from someone decades older!

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