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7 Essential Construction Management Tools

Each of these software programs is great for helping your project sites at optimum efficiency and boosting your businesses

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Construction Management


There’s more to construction and renovations than tearing structures down and re-building updated spaces. Construction management tools can help both novice and professional contractors alike manage multiple projects, keep their projects on track and budget, and plan everything out from start to finish. We’ve selected some of the most popular construction project management tools to help you take your projects to the next level.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing which construction management tools such as pricing. Some construction project management tools are free, but most software tools, especially the highly rated tools, are going to have a price tag.

Read this article to get an in-depth analysis of what these construction project management tools can do for you.

1.   Bridgit Bench

Our very own construction management tool helps you track current and future projects and can even warn you of overlapping workloads. With this tool, you can effectively manage your time and your client’s time.

Allocate specific tasks to specific members of your crew, and monitor if those tasks to ensure they are progressing appropriately. You can manage your projects from anywhere because Bridget Bench is available through the mobile app as well as desktop.

Bridgit Bench does have a pricing plan, click here for pricing.

2.   Jobber

Not only does Jobber help you manage multiple projects at a given time, but Jobber also helps grow your business with the reporting feature that provides updates on how well your business is doing. Benefit from same-day invoices and speed up payments. With an incredibly client-friendly interface, Jobber allows users to send notifications to clients through the mobile app to provide pertinent updates regarding the project. Jobber supports an online booking system and a client hub that allows clients to approve quotes and invoices.

To see Jobber’s pricing plans click here.

3.   Procore Management

This construction management tool boasts a super fact program software that is designed to keep everybody updated on project changes in an instant. From clients to team members and management, everyone knows when a project changes or a task has been canceled. The biggest issue on project sites is miscommunication. Keep your team moving fluidly when no one risks getting misinformed.

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As the leader of the project make sure all policies are followed with the report feature. Procore allows you to keep logs of every step of the project to keep reputable records, should disputes arise between clients or to settle any legal matters.

Procore has three different pricing plans that you can find here, and even includes customizable options that let you choose the features and benefits that best suit your business.

4.   Buildertrend and residential projects

Buildertrend Management is a software tool primarily for residential builders and remodelers. Buildertrend is highly reviewed for its easy to use interface and can handle every part of the building process from pre-construction to customer management.

Before even starting a contract, Buildertrend has a special feature that allows managers to create, compare, send, and store job bids in one place. You can also keep your leads in one place and import them from your website and excel forms.

Buildertrend also supports email marketing and can send out email blasts. In terms of project management, this software also lets you make quick and easy changes to plan blueprints, track all your projects, and send you progress reports.

5.   Plangrid

Plangrid is great for either commercial or residential projects. The software is optimal for marking up, editing, and designing the blueprints needed for the project. Users can also overlay blueprint sheets through their mobile phones to compare and track changes. Plangrid also organizes revisions, showing you the most updated plan without losing any previous drafts. You can also sync team members onto projects and send them instant updates to all their mobile devices.

With unlimited storage and shortcuts to the most up to date documents, Plangrid is especially great for large scale projects.

This software also comes in on the lower end of the price range in terms of construction management software. You can find the full pricing plans for Plangrid’s management software here.

6.   Knowify end-to-end software management

Knowify’s software is great for residential projects and can also help complete jobs beyond the physical building stage such as managing plumbing costs, painting, roofing, and HVAC costs. This all in one software management tool helps managers control aspects of their projects from end-to-end.

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Knowify helps you balance bids, contracts, and manage project timelines. Your employees can also submit expenses and how long it takes them to complete a task. Manage your project and your team all in one place to make the job stay on track.

Knowify pricing plans start at $54 a month.

7.   Premier by Jonas Construction

Designed by Jonas Construction, Premier construction software is optimal for both residential and commercial projects. A clean and clear streamline software that offers users the ability to manage job costs, accounting and drawing management. Premier also allows you to track information and tasks related to subcontractors and lets managers receive alerts for expired certifications. Manage your budget by tracking and changing estimates as the project progresses.

Premier’s pricing plans are on the higher end of the price range for construction software with the lowest pricing plans starting at $199 a month.

Final Words

Many of the building management advertise quick communication and organize multiple projects at a time. Some specialize in residential versus commercial construction projects, so be mindful of what each tool offers before signing up for a specific software program. ‘

You’d be wise to choose a single central piece of software to build your entire suite around. Bridgit is a great candidate because you’ll have no issue syncing with other essential construction management programs like Bridgit and Autodesk.

Make sure the management tools fit your specific needs and your current focus, whether that be lead and CRM management, outreach, or simply assigning tasks and staying on target with timelines. Each of these software programs is great for helping your project sites at optimum efficiency and boosting your businesses.

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