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Engineers To Build The First Underwater City

In the near future, you might want to pack your bags and live underwater.

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Is it possible to live underwater? Or build an underwater city? Can we create a real-life Atlantis in the near future? As we seek for more spaces to occupy, is living under the sea the best solution for all of our overpopulation problems? We only know 5% of what consists the ocean, would living underwater help us understand the deep blue seas better?

Well, these specialists are planning to create underwater cities for the future. Different projects have been brought up in the media to discuss plans of the possibility of underwater living.

Does this mean people will be wearing artificial gills soon?

First, there’s a Japanese construction company that plans to create an underwater city by sinking a spiraling city down to the seabed. Each building created would be able to fit 5,000 residents and the developer estimates that it’ll soon open its doors as early as 2030. They plan to build this city using resin instead of the normal concrete. The estimated cost for building the first underwater city would be around $24B USD.

Source: The Mind Unleashed


Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, recently revealed his plans of building an underwater city as well. Cousteau was able to live underwater for 31 days (breaking his grandfather’s record of 30 days) and during his experiment, he was able to understand underwater ecosystems better. It gave him an idea on how to make underwater living convenient for humans. He aims to build a “real-life Atlantis, where it’s completely self-sustaining, with little or no support from the surface.”

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Now that could totally solve our expansion problems.

Building underwater cities will never be easy. It’s going to be one of the most complicated projects humans have the pleasure of dealing with. Problems such as sustainability, safety and energy production arise even before they start construction. If people will live under the deep blue ocean, how will science and engineering ensure that people can live there for as long as they want?

Well, at least we know these people are up for the challenge. They’re going to make underwater living happen in the future. People will probably start singing ‘Under The Sea’ in the future. 

Source: CNN


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