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Do You Understand These Words Millennial Engineers Use Now?

Let’s talk about today’s millennials. You do know that as different trends emerge, millennials would come up with new words that go with them.

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Millennial Engineers Word Up


Sometimes, you just want to communicate easily with anyone you’re associated with. Whether you have to talk to your 50-year-old engineer boss or talk to younger engineers at work, you just want the communication between the two of you to be smooth.

Unfortunately, not everyone talks the same way and people easily create their own lingo in today’s society.

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Let’s talk about today’s millennials. Have you met one? Have you ever talked to one and suddenly, one says things you’re quite unfamiliar with? You do know that as different trends emerge, millennials would come up with new words that go with them.

Here are five words you need to know to catch up with today’s millennial engineers at work.

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Savage | #savage


It’s not a new word. It normally means fierce, violent or wild. But for the younger generation, being savage means you’re cool or a bad ass! Being described as savage may also mean you have balls of steel.

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Adulting | #adulting


The most common phrase you may have heard from young engineers could be”Adulting is hard.” Well, that statement is true but for the clueless, adulting means growing up – paying the bills, being responsible, waking up early for work. We’ve all been there. Millennials just found an easier way to call it.

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Scrub | #scrub


You’ve probably heard of a TV show named Scrub or heard the song of the same title from TLC. Originally, it was a term used to describe someone who is a newbie to a video game. Now, a scrub is someone who is bad at an activity in general. But for the TLC song, it sings:

A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly 

And is also known as a buster 

Always talkin’ about what he wants 

And just sits on his broke ass 

Do you know any other definition for the word Scrubs?

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Bigly | #bigly


It’s not just the young ones who use this. Surprisingly, the POTUS is also using this. It’s one way of saying something is very big. It’s the adverb of big apparently.

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Done | #done


Have you ever felt so frustrated or disappointed and you just find yourself too tired to do anything about it? When you hear someone say I’m DONE, it means that person is totally over it.

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LB FB | #lbfb


For young engineers, you’ll often hear them leave comments such as FB or LB. What do they mean? Well, for anyone with Instagram, people leave these comments requesting for a follow back or like back.

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Trash | #trash


When you hear someone act or talk without being classy, you call that person “trash” for insult.

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Engr. Alicia White
Studied Industrial engineering at Went to University of New South Wales and human resources at Melbourne Business School. Ex Rio Tinto, now with BHP Billiton and GineersNow. Follow me on


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