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The Role Of SAS Connectors In Computer Business

How Can SAS Connectors Help Your Computer Business?

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SAS Connectors


Serial-attached SCSI (aka as SAS connectors) are fantastic devices to help multiple machines communicate to one another.

To learn more about the role that SAS connectors can play in business, continue reading below.

What Is A SAS Connector?

SAS connectors are used to transfer digital data through thin cables. While there are other options for this data to be transferred, the technology for these other options tend to be far older in nature.

Many consumers prefer to use SAS connectors over other options because their cables are thinner, so the SAS connector can be much more subtle. In addition to smaller cables, SAS connectors are able to have longer cables than other options (such as parallel data transfer).

SAS connectors are also known for having less issues arise during the data transfer process. With parallel data transfers, there are more conductors that are located in the cables and this tends to cause an issue known as “crosstalk”- where a static or other kind of disturbance arises. No one ever wants their telecommunication to be interrupted, so going with a serial kind of data transfer can help with that.

What Purpose Do SAS Connectors Serve?

By and large, SAS connectors are used to help computer devices access mass quantities of storage. They are especially useful when an external hard drive or a magnetic tape drive needs to be accessed.

SAS connectors can be so effective that they can help transfer up to six gigabits per second. As technology continues to improve, the rate at which SAS connectors can transfer data will become even faster. Already, some more expensive SAS connectors can transfer data at 12 gigabytes per second.

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How Can SAS Connectors Help Your Computer Business?

Even though serial data transfers have many advantages over parallel interfaces, they tend to cost less. Almost always, the hardware that involves SAS connectors costs less than any parallel interface hardware.

Since SAS connectors can transfer data so quickly, they’ll also be advantageous to your business because employees won’t become frustrated by waiting on a lag time. This is especially helpful if you’re a computer business that has a lot of video calls with clients who need help with software on their computers. It’s also helpful for employees to be able to communicate in an efficient manner.

SAS Connectors Help You Securely Transfer Your Data

Additionally, SAS connectors are able to quickly, and securely, transfer your data, so they’re perfect for any kind of business that requires a large amount of data storage. They’re also good for businesses who need data items to be backed up or archived.

SAS connectors also allow for the data to be transferred to multiple servers at once. This can save a ton of time for transferring the data to different “places.” This can also save your business money by taking out the need for a storage area network.


Overall, SAS connectors are a great way for your computer business to run more smoothly.

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