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I’m An Overworked and Underpaid Millenial Filipino Engineer

I’m overworked, underpaid and maybe a little entitled. As the famous question here goes, “Sino mag-a-adjust?”

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Overworked and Underpaid


Call me your typical millenial engineer. I like to travel, take pictures of my food and take girls out on a date.

But I would say I work harder compared to my colleagues. I’ve been a civil engineer for three years now, working for a big company here in the country but given my age and experience, I am still in a junior position.

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Unlike the rest of my peers who are okay with their disposition, I am not. I want to get promoted as soon as I can.

I know I have a lot to learn in my field and I try my best to learn from my superiors.

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I am grateful for finding a job as soon as I graduated especially now that there are so many civil engineers here in the Philippines.

I tell you, the competition nowadays is really tough. I hear a lot of stories about fresh graduates finding a hard time looking for work that suits their skills, while there are other engineers who settled for jobs that don’t apply what they learned in college.

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However, if I have something I want to complain about – it’s the agonizing truth that I (along with other young engineers in this country face) am overworked and underpaid.

While I enjoy the tasks handed to me by my superiors, I feel like the work can be exhausting.

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I often find myself mentally and physically tired right after I go home.

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Often than not, my superiors give me projects which I am forced to spend more time with than necessary.

It’s hard especially if I want to keep in touch with my family and friends.

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On my first two years in my work, I still get to travel every month to different islands in the Philippines – Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, and even in Davao.

Can I just say that Davao is such a cool place to be in? How organized is that place? But Palawan, man, it’s just paradise.

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On my third year in my work, I noticed how my supervisors assign more projects to me.

I kept hearing promises of a raise but I’m not getting any.

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It’s hard being an engineer here in the Philippines – especially if you’re just starting.

The salary can be bad. While there are lucky ones who are paid a huge amount of money, there are some of us who just aren’t paid enough.

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Aside from my daily expenses and my traveling, I also help out with the expenses around the house.

If there’s anything I want, right now, I want to earn enough money where I can save money or invest on different things.

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Yes, I sound like an entitled millennial who thinks I deserve more in life.

But to be fair, I really do work hard and living in Manila can be financially draining.

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I work overtime yet I don’t think I’m well compensated with my work.

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If I don’t take up the challenges my supervisors give me, that would really look bad on my annual performance review.

Now, who would want that, right?

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Here I am. A junior civil engineer who is overworked and underpaid.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. I know because my friends who are engineers feel this as well.

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If you look at it, it’s not only engineers who experience it here. Other professions do as well.

So, sino mag-a-adjust? (So, who will adjust?)


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  1. this is ficking true, medyo degrafed tlaga mga vivil dto s pinas. 5 years ang course with noard tpos ang sweldo nag aaverage lang ng 12-15k per month. kaya bumababa ang quality ng engineering dto eh. kaya nandadaya n lang ung iba. resulta tuloy ay poor engineering ,corruption. tangina lang tlaga. may SOP n kalakaran na. syempre babawi s project . tpos after few years or.months wla, sira na. need for repair n nman. haha. sino lang nag suffer dba? kaya ubg iba umpisa plang magulang na. nwawala n, ing pnag aralan ,dna na apply s field. damn! , sana ma recognized nman ung hirap nung course at mbigay ung tama para s lahat ng engiis para mawala o mbawasan ung engineer n swapang at pera pera lang. “walng mgandang mura tpos safe pa.” . kung walang corrupt walang madaya.”

    1. this is so true. i’ve been working for 5 years in the same company, but i still have a very low salary.

  2. So true. But I’m an electrical engineer though. Same scenario. Nag-oovertime pero ung overtime pay madalas sa tax napupunta. Then the benefits, government mandated lang.

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