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The Coolest Christmas Card Designs for Engineers

You have to check out these really cool Christmas cards made especially for you! If you’re an engineer, you’ll love all of them!

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Are you a busy engineer who no longer has time to buy gifts for your engineer friends and your boss? Do you find yourself clueless on what to get your engineer relative, friend or partner this Christmas? Or would you like to remind the whole world that you’re an engineer and you’re smart enough to incorporate your field of work in your Christmas gift?

Maybe sending out Christmas cards with an engineering twist to it would be the answer to the questions above.

Ziti Cards has a division that offers a range of Christmas cards made specially for engineers. It’s the perfect card for engineers to other engineers, engineering companies to their clients and anyone else who are interested in the field of engineering. This company has designs for chemical, petroleum, civil, electrical and electronic engineers.

In this article, we show you a sample of the coolest Christmas cards they’ve design for their clients. If you’re interested, how about ordering from them?

For the chemical engineer:

For the civil engineer:

For the electrical engineer:

For the mechanical engineer:

For the electronic engineer:

For the petroleum engineer:

Fancy the cards you like? Which one did you like best?

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Engineer Christmas Cards



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