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3 Tips for Successful Pop Up Store Rental

Although there has been a significant decline in footfall during the Covid-19 pandemic, pop up store continue to attract customers because of their location and presentation

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Pop Up Store Rental


The availability of retail space for rent has continued to fuel the pop up trend that has over time become a mainstream marketing strategy. Companies and brands use pop up shops to bridge the gap between ecommerce following and in-person experiences. The beauty of pop ups is that they are not limited to a particular industry. Pop up store rental will work for businesses in the hospitality industry as much as it will for the entertainment industry.

Although there has been a significant decline in footfall during the Covid-19 pandemic, pop up store continue to attract customers because of their location and presentation. Even then, Finding the right pop up space location is not sufficient. It must be preceded by a good strategy. Here are 3 tips for a successful pop up store rental:

Define your goals

It is important to define your goals to overcome obstacles as this will help you to determine if a pop up shop is the best option for your needs. Do you want to drive sales, create brand awareness or simply drive traffic to your website? Or are you looking to dispose of excess stock or sell goods that sell well in a particular season? Do you want to seek feedback on new products or let people try new product features?

You will also need to define the demographic you’re targeting and their habits to narrow down to strategies that will work. Having the right insights will shape your decisions from the pop up location to the displays. Decide on the type of pop up you want to launch and how you will set it up to appeal to your customers. It could be anything from a sponsored event, a branded party, a seasonal shop, a pop up restaurant or a temporary showroom. Defining your goals upfront will help you to create unique experiences without overstretching your budget.

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Choose an appropriate location

Your choice of location for a pop up store rental must be aligned with your goals and the nature of pop up you want to set up.  If your goal is to create a buzz around your product, you can consider booking your pop up space where there are festivals taking place so that you create a fun and experiential experience that will draw in your target audience.

If you want to host a pop up for a short time, think about short term marketplaces that guarantee high visibility. All these, while keeping in mind your budget. Looking through the thousands of listings of retail spaces for rent on the internet will give you multiple options you can choose from.

No matter how much appropriate a location may be for your pop up shop, don’t commit to taking up before you ask about the permissions you need from the local authorities. Some locations may require you to obtain insurance and licenses among other important documentation before you can proceed with the lease.

Set up your pop up store

Once you have taken care of all the legalities, you need to put time and effort in setting up your store. Aim at creating an eye-catching store that will draw people to your brand. Create an interior and exterior that is appealing, functional and affordable. The reason you need to decorate your pop up store’s exterior is so that what you do is explicit to those passing by your pop up. You can include banner or logo close to the entrance with additional signage on the street leading to your store. Make your pop up space as attractive as possible.

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The interior of your pop up determines the success of your store. Therefore, take time to create a visually appealing interior that is easy to navigate. You can introduce small hacks to save on space by adding shelving or tall displays to maximize walls. Where possible create a designated area for photos encouraging shoppers to take photos they can share on social media and tag you.

Before opening your pop up shop to the public, take a moment to do some marketing and create awareness. Have a proper plan of getting the word out so that you capitalize on the temporary nature of your pop up after launching it. Marketing your pop up also helps to ensure that people can easily find your store. Make sure your marketing efforts begin before the launch and continue long after you have rolled up the pop up space because your business will always do with some marketing.

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