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Awesome Engineering Clocks Built for Engineers

If you are an engineer, these clocks should adorn your walls.

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Cool Math, Chemistry and Engineering Clocks.

Are you an engineer looking for clocks to hang in your office or home? All those clocks that are generally available in the market will not suit your choice. You are among machines and mechanics all day long and driving machines and understanding the physics behind them is what interests you. So, you need something different! But what? Here is a list of top 3 clocks that might interest you:

The math clock: It is a clock that is perfect for the mathematician in you. The display of this clock contains different mathematical expressions. These are from varied areas of recreational and curriculum mathematics. There are also different versions of the math clock and you can choose the “professional” edition or the “radian” edition. There are also other versions of the math clock including the “prime” edition and the “primorial” edition. Center dial of the clock will contain different mathematical expressions like a Venn diagram, different uses of Pi as a mathematical symbol.

Math, Chemistry and Engineering Clocks (Source: SB Crafts)

Chemistry clock: All the chemistry majors and the nuclear scientists could buy the chemistry clock. In this clock, each of the numbers features one element of the corresponding atomic number. Each of the elements is shown in exactly the same box as they are there in the atomic table.

Math, Chemistry and Engineering Clocks (Source: Geek Alerts)

Engineering clocks: The engineering wall clocks are with gears and machine parts. They look metallic and are manufactured with a mix of cast iron and metal. You can choose between shiny or dull and metallic. The gears look ancient as if taken down from some old machines. Don’t worry as the numbers are easy to read even though there are so many gears and are perfect Victorian steampunks! Choose colors if you think it will matter. You can also choose between round and square shaped clocks.

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Math, Chemistry and Engineering Clocks (Source: Amazon)

Regardless of the clock you choose, you and the people you share the clock with just need to be able to tell what time is it; but that’s no longer a problem to you because you are an engineer.


Read more at: GineersNow

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