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Ideas for Creating Your Trade Show Display Booth

If you have ever attended or organized a trade show, you know that the right trade show display booth can make all the difference

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If you have ever attended or organized a trade show, you know that the right trade show display booth can make all the difference. Note that you will be competing for attention. The following ideas for creating your trade show display booth may come in handy.

  1. Pick One Memorable Takeaway

Choose one thing that you want your visitors to take away. If you have too many memorable points, they may be distracting and overwhelming. If, for example, your business is launching a new product, focus on promoting that point.

  1. Don’t Use Many Static Images

If you pick too many static images, they may get boring and people are unlikely to remember. If, however, you use limited, hard-hitting static images, people will remember them for a long time. The photos you choose should communicate the intended message in a few seconds. People are unlikely to stare at a static photo for long.

  1. Use Clear, Attractive Copy for Your Booth Traffic

Come up with a fun short tagline. It should be easy to interpret with a maximum of six words. The tagline should be attractive. If your brand is not popular, you don’t have to use it as the tag line. Be honest about your brand and what it represents.

  1. Take Advantage of Digital Graphics

With digital graphics, your message will be clearly visible. Digital graphics are a better choice than traditional graphics. They are more attractive and they can show changing images. Use them to convey one message.

  1. Lighting is Important
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The right lighting will make your trade show display booth look warm and welcoming. It can draw attention to specific parts of the booth’s graphics. Take advantage of this to push specific messages.

  1. 6. Use Bright Lights in Moderation

Bright lights are fun and exciting. However, using too many of them can be confusing. It might take attention away from your main message. Use a maximum of three bright colors.

  1. Use Legible Text

If your text isn’t legible, your visitors are likely to miss the message. The best fonts for your trade show display booth are Helvetica and Sans-Serif. However, you can use any other fonts if they are legible and relevant to your brand’s style.

Choose one font and stick to it. Don’t ever use multiple fonts. Decide the size of the font based on how far away your visitors may be.

  1. Create a Living Wall

Living walls are a fun way to take advantage of extra space. Create them using fresh fruits and plants. They are a great way to showcase your brand.

  1. Use QR Codes and Print Graphics

Integrating QR codes with your print graphics can make your business stand out. QR codes are like barcodes and your visitors can scan them with their phones. They will then be directed to your website or any other pages. Make sure that the page you direct them to is fun and interactive.

Big companies who are exhibiting their products on big trade shows such as WORLDBEX, Interior & Design, Philconstruct, Water Reuse Conference, Conmart or Big 5 should plan ahead.

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ExpoMarketing is happy to help with your trade show display booth. Our exhibit design and fabrication house have worked with all types of clients. You can get help regardless of the size of your business. We work hard to ensure that our products meet and exceed your expectations. All our services are detail-oriented and personalized. Our goal is to ensure that your interaction with us is positive.


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