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Stiletto Shoe-Shaped Church Design in Taiwan Looks Fabulous

Taiwan encourages women to go to Sunday mass by building this Stiletto Shoe-Shaped Church. We're definite that this was approved by Carrie Bradshaw.

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Stiletto Shoe-Shaped Church


This stiletto shoe-shaped Church was definitely approved by Carrie Bradshaw.

Churches make a lot of attempt to encourage people to attend masses. We’ve all heard of that Filipino priest using the hoverboard while doing his sermon – that didn’t work though.

Some pastors would even rap it out in order to catch young people’s attention. But how about putting up a building in the form of a Cinderella-like glass shoe to encourage women to attend mass?


Stiletto Shoe-Shaped Church (Photo credit: Pinterest)

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Imagine Cinderella’s glass slipper scaled to about 100 times its original size and dropped on the coast of Taiwan.

Well, that’s exactly what local officials in Jiayi, Taiwan did.

A stunning blue high-heeled glass shoe was built made out of 320 pieces of glass. This church is located at the Ocean View Park in Budai Town. It ‘s 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide. Despite its early press release, not everyone’s sure what kind of church this is.

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The building is shaped like a high-heel shoe 17.76 meters in height, 11.91 meters in width, and 25.16 meters in length. It is composed of over 300 pieces of blue-tinted glass.

According to the local officials, the church was specially designed to look like a giant shoe glass so that people can have their weddings here and take really good photos. Couples may want to get married here soon to get Instagram-worthy shots. The design is also linked to a huge traditional significance.

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Just in case a giant high heel with a tragic back story isn’t enough to lure women to the new church, another local government official said the interior of the church, too, will cater to women’s apparently delicate inclinations.

Stiletto Shoe-Shaped Church (Photo credit: Skyline Vision via GineersNow)

This church is built for women, so expect features made just for them.

What makes this church more interesting is its features, which include lots of biscuits and cakes, maple leaves and chairs made for ‘lovers’. It has a total of 100 interesting features that cater to women.

It had us at biscuits and cakes.

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The construction was completed on 10 January 2016 and was opened for trial in February 2016. It was officially opened on 23 July 2016. Later in the same year, the church received the Guinness World Records certification as the world’s largest high-heel shoe-shaped structure.

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