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How I Passed My Engineering Licensure Exam After Failing It Once

I wish I did this during my first take of the licensure exam.

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Engineering Licensure Exam


I was never the confident student in engineering school. Every class I was in, I never really gave myself the chance to stand out among my peers because I underestimated my ability to absorb the lessons fast and answer the questions asked correctly.

I’ve never given myself the opportunity to learn more about the engineering program I was in.

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So I just sat in every class and I was the mediocre student my classmates looked down on.

In short, I was the student who never believed in herself and her capabilities to excel in class.

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Fast forward to graduation day, I was relieved that classes were over yet there was only one obstacle I had to go through before I can finally consider myself free from engineering: the licensure exam.

Of course, if you want to be really called an Engineer and get a really good job in the industry, you must pass the licensure exam first.

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So for five months, I studied. But at the back of my mind, I told myself, can I really do this?

Will I really make it?

I was such an awful student who didn’t engage in different learning opportunities so I keep asking myself if I can do it.

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Self-doubt has clouded my mind and there was always this insecurities that bothered me.

I didn’t really believe in myself, so when the time came that I took the licensure exam,

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I was filled with more panic, self-doubt and self-loathing during the exam.

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I felt discouraged as I answer one question after another.

I even remember preparing a speech to tell my parents just in case I didn’t pass the exam.

The sad thing about it though is that the mind can really project your thoughts into your reality.

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I failed the licensure exam. I thought that I was going to fail, that I wasn’t going to make and well, I did fail.

So it really broke my heart, which led me to disappear from everyone for quite some time.

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When I finally got out of my hiatus, I decided to have a change of heart.

I knew I had to prepare again for my second take so I needed to be more confident the second time around.

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I needed to have more faith in myself and I had to endure all the hardships. And I did.

Every time I felt like giving up because I started to lose faith in my abilities, I reminded myself that I can do it.

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I needed to believe in myself before I show to other people that I can be an awesome licensure exam-passing person.

So when the days arrived that I took the second take, I kept reminding myself that I can pass this exam.

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No matter how hard the second take was for me, I persevered and always told myself that I will pass.

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I got rid of all the negative thoughts gave myself good reasons why I deserve to pass this exam.

So, on my second take, with the confidence and faith I needed to pass, I did pass the licensure exam.

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I’ve learned that in order for you to pass the exam, you have to believe in yourself.

You have to always remember that you have the same chance of passing like everyone else.

I urge you to start believing in yourself.

Start thinking positive thoughts as the licensure exam approaches you.

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It can make a big difference.

Whatever your mind thinks, it will manifest.

So good luck and just have confidence in yourself as you take the exam.

Hopefully, you’ll pass the licensure exam as well.

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Engr. Jenae Muller
Engineering geek. Currently working at Murray & Roberts Joburg. Former senior engineering recruiter at Group Five Engineering & Construction. Studied industrial engineering at Univ of Johannesburg. Kickass Dutch who likes tattoo. Blogging about innovations. Follow me on Linkedin


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