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Dubai Science Park – Delivering Excellence to Dubai’s Science Community

Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises operating within the science sector have found a home conducive for their operations in Dubai Science Park (DSP).

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Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises operating within the science sector have found a home conducive for their operations in Dubai Science Park (DSP), the region’s first science community that offers a vibrant platform for businesses to innovate and progress in a truly dynamic setting. Since its inception, the community has grown to more than 350 companies of all sizes in the life, energy and environmental science sectors. With the help of companies operating within the community, DSP is strengthening the position of Dubai as a destination for innovation within the science sector.

Photo Credit: Dubai Science Park Website

What does DSP offer?

DSP offers businesses a holistic environment that facilitates business growth; from providing ample office and laboratory space, a robust infrastructure and a vibrant community for residents, DSP ensures a supportive ecosystem for businesses to flourish and achieve regional and international expansion. Additionally, DSP’s vibrant community creates synergies and allows for like-minded professionals to network and host events that promote knowledge sharing and industry development.

Offices: DSP offers its partners state of the art offices in a variety of sizes, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their needs.

Laboratories: In keeping with its vision and mission, DSP has designed laboratory space to the highest global standards. The core and shell spaces are equipped with air exhaust and ventilation systems, an acid resistance drainage, pH neutralization system and other technical features to cater to its community. The eco-friendly Laboratory Complex has received LEED Silver Certification, portraying an environmentally responsible profile.

Warehouses: DSP offers warehouse space designed specifically for storage, showroom, distribution, logistics and light manufacturing for the science sectors. Each warehouse encompasses a mezzanine floor for office and pantry. Grouped into a complex of 25, DSP’s warehouses span an area of approximately 5,000 sq. ft. each and adhere to the highest industry standards. They provide business partners with a convenient and secure facility to conduct their business. Due to high demand, DSP has recently broken ground for developing Phase 2 of its warehouses offering.

Business Centre: Accommodating for the community’s small and medium-size companies, DSP features a dedicated Business Centre located, specifically equipped for the needs of start-up businesses with contemporary, furnished offices and open-space workstations.

Through DSP’s Business Centre, you can efficiently set up business operations in a helpful and professional environment. The Business Centre delivers total office solutions; IT and telecom features, 24-hour security, fully furnished and equipped facilities, fast-track visa processing and much more.

Success stories from DSP

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Soil health is fundamental to profitable and sustainable agriculture. Vital organic matter and nutrients are often destroyed, depleted, or otherwise lost from the soil through overuse of fertilizers, erosion, and runoff as a consequence of unsustainable farming practices.

From DSP, Greenza has developed Bontera Microbial, a soil enhancer that is a scientifically formulated proprietary cocktail of more than 30 microbes carefully selected for their ability to rehabilitate the soil, making it healthier and more productive. Bontera is completely organic-based and environmentally friendly and is highly compatible with sustainable, organic farming practices. The liquid formula is easily administered through an irrigation or drip system.

Photo Credit: Dubai Science Park Website

Key benefits

  • Enhanced soil and plant health
  • Increased soil nutrient content and enhanced availability of nutrients
  • Reduced need for chemical fertilizers
  • Faster seed germination
  • Improved plant resistance to stresses
  • Higher yield and better quality produce

Amerispec Diagnostics

Amerispec Diagnostics was established in November 2015 with the vision of being the leading reference laboratory in the GCC and the Middle East in localising cutting edge clinical diagnostic technologies based on mass spectrometry (MS) and next generation sequencing (NGS), in the United Arab Emirates, and to be the premier local partner for the innovation and advancement in clinical and pharmaceutical research in the region.  MS is an analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of samples, quantifying the mass of particles and molecules, and regarded today to be the analytical tool of the highest possible accuracy for measurement and sensitivities to discern between close structure chemical species, where conventional clinical diagnostics assays using immunoassays and photometry will not be able to account for. The Next Generation Sequencing massively parallel or deep sequencing are related terms that describe a DNA sequencing technology which has revolutionised genomic research. Using NGS an entire human genome can be sequenced within a single day.

In early 2016, a state-of-the art facility was set up at Dubai Science Park to provide locally these specialised clinical services in the United Arab Emirates to best support healthcare providers in the Gulf region, and the Middle East region. With this investment, Amerispec was able to provide local access to services that were sent out of the country to Europe and the United States of America, and took 7 to 10 days for the results to return back to the treating physician. By localising these tests at Dubai Science Park, it could substantially reduce the results Turn Around Time for results to doctors to same day results, hence enhancing their medical decisions, and thus improving patient outcomes.

Currently, Amerispec is partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific in clinical research collaboration agreement to collaboratively develop novel clinical research application. Also, it provides in country testing for many of the crucial diagnostic assays such as monitoring for Immunosuppressant Drug Monitoring for transplant receivers, the crucial and closely related Vitamins such as 25-OH Vitamin D2&D3 to help in modifying cancer risk and prevent bone disease, Steroid Hormones panel for women fertility treatment, and Antiepileptic’ Drug Monitoring which helps in adjusting dosage and treatment of all different types of chronic neurological ailments, as panel of tests to Hospitals, Polyclinics, and local laboratories. Today, Amerispec is working on introducing neonatal screening panels for up to 70 new-born errors that never been offered before in the Middle East, ensuring the health and prosperity for future generations to come.  

This was accomplished by using the latest Class 1 medical devices and technologies acquired from Thermo Fisher Scientific, the leading company in innovation into life science and research. Amerispec’s team of the finest scientists from the US to run the laboratory adhers to the highest level of quality mandated by Collage of American Pathologist (CAP) to ensure being in compliance with the standard measures of quality in the USA, while pursuing national and international lab accreditation such ISO 15189 offered by Dubai Accreditation Services (DAC), and enrolling and using proficiency testing materials of the Collage of American Pathologist (CAP). Amerispec is now on track for CAP accreditation of high complexity testing laboratory.

Future of DSP

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DSP is evolving as a hub where more success stories can originate for the benefit of society. Expansion and growth are top on the agenda while also working to promote pharmaceutical production in Dubai. On the immediate horizon for DSP is the launch of its Headquarters (DSP HQ) – two landmark buildings that offer brand new business space to companies invested in scientific, environmental or pharmaceutical pursuits. The twin towers will create a relaxing and convenient environment for professionals and residents alike by providing numerous retail/service outlets and restaurants along with beautifully landscaped common areas.

For more information about Dubai Science Park, please visit the website:

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