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Why Did Nikola Tesla Die as a Loner?

How did such a successful inventor end up as an obscure figure feeding pigeons in the park and dying alone in a New York City hotel room in 1943?

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Nikola Tesla



Nikola Tesla was not always difficult to decipher. For a decade or so around 1880’s, he was America’s favorite. He was visited by the press and was showered with awards and gold medals from institutions and universities. He even threw dinner parties and entertained crowds with cool electricity demonstrations.

He had famous acquaintances like J.P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor, and Mark Twain. There’s so many facts that you didn’t know about Nikola.


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Tesla was such a genius, and everyone – especially engineers of today – acknowledge that. For it was His genius that solved the people’s problem on how to distribute electricity safely to homes, shops, factories—which utterly defeated Thomas Edison. He also created the world’s first, functional electric motor.

Think about it, whenever you turn on your vacuum cleaner, or when your PC powers up, all these technologies can be attributed to Tesla.



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So what happened to him? How did such a successful inventor, end up as an obscure figure feeding pigeons in the park and dying alone in a New York City hotel room in 1943? Possibly because he was to ahead of his time. It may also be because even though he was an awesome, brilliant inventor, a genius, he was a naïve businessman, who wasn’t able to keep up with commerce and 19th century American capitalism.

Nikola Tesla (Source: Genius-croatia)

There are many other countless inventions that Tesla shared with the world during his time, some of which were either not credited to him or weren’t acknowledged because his inventions weren’t “useful” back then. But despite all that, Tesla remains to be most engineers’ favorite inventor, and his legacy will continue to inspire them today and future generations to come.

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