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Who Is The Real Father Of Electricity?

There can only be one.

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Who do you think is the REAL Father of Electricity?



The most powerful force in the electronic age, the bloodstream of all businesses, academes and the World Wide Web, the cool stuff that shoots out of the Sith’s fingertips in Star Wars— electricity.

Electricity certainly has become so much of a necessity to our world today that living a day without it can cause nightmares for anyone— and I know everyone would agree with me. Almost everything around us needs electricity to work: Computers, mobile phones, smart television, light bulbs, washing machines, and currently the most essential to many nowadays— WiFi.

But who is to credit for this awesome discovery that has improved all of our lives today?

Three names come into mind: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Sir Isaac Newton.

Who do you think is the real father of electricity? Let us help by giving a short description of each, and we’ll leave YOU to decide.

Get ready to be electrified.

Nikola Tesla

This guy is famous for being the eccentric genius that didn’t need the spotlight of fame. He is famous for his discovery of the Alternating Current— the electricity that powers our homes and offices today.

He is the inventor of the X-ray and Laser, an invention that has been used in almost every branch of science most especially in the medical field.

The concept of laser has even been used in movies like Star Wars! Yes, The lighstaber! He also invented the Radio, and to complement that he also discovered Wireless Communications. Now we know whom to thank for WiFi.

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Sir Isaac Newton

Here’s a name that we’ve been hearing since our High School days. The curiosity of this physicist has benefitted almost all branches of Science known to man! As many of you know, this guy discovered gravity!

He is also famous for his “Newton’s Laws of Motion”. To make it even more bad-ass, he crunched out of his brain a new set of equations and created the brain-squashing subject Calculus. This man is certainly one of a kind.

Thomas Edison

This man is the CEO and owner of one of the most trusted electronic brands today— General Electric Co. (GE). Thomas Edison is credited as the inventor of the famous light bulb. He has also patented numerous inventions that are still used by the world today. Some of these are the Motion Picture Camera— next time you watch a movie, you’ll remember him, the Fluoroscope, and Phonograph. He is also known to be an exceptionally great businessman.

These are only some of their contributions to our world today, surely they have a lot more.

So, who do you think is the father of electricity?

Speak up and leave your comments below.

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23 shares, 121 points
Engr. Cody Catarina
Currently working as talent acquisition manager at Carillion Construction, Glasgow,UK. A badass mechanical engineer from University of Leeds. Editor and writer at GineersNow. Follow my travel and auto blogs


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  1. Nikola Tesla, his genius, mission and vision are far too ahead of it’s time that his inventions were viewed in the past to be “pseudo-science”-and only now are his concepts seen to be realistic, applicable and practical now that we have problems regarding global warming, scarcity of fossil fuel and pollution. He deserves to be called Father of Electricity because most of his inventions are the ones we make use of nowadays.

  2. You seriously didn’t include Michael Faraday on this list tragedy have overlooked he is and how great his contributions where to humanity

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