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5 Things That Piss Off Electronics Engineers

The #realtalk of all #realtalks in the daily life of an electronics engineer

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Electronics Engineers facepalm lines:


What the…

What the hell…


Seen this facepalm before? (Source: Pinterest)

There have been many engineering stereotypes you might have already heard of and if you’re an engineer, more often than not, it can be really irritating. Here are 5 things that piss of Electronics Engineers.


1. Being Asked to Design the Impossible

What Pisses Off Electronics Engineers (Source: Giphy)

We electronics engineers enjoy designing new hardware, may it be a new robot, a chip, or a new hardware module. We’d love to be challenged, just to see how far we can go—but this too has a limit. Don’t give us crap like “I want you to design me a microchip that can make a robot draw a 5-edged circle”—it’s just not possible. Okay, that’s a bit far-fetched, but many companies actually give impossible plans without asking the engineer if it is actually feasible.

2. Being Given an Extremely Inconsiderate Budget to Create a “Quality” Product

What Pisses Off Electronics Engineers (Source: Giphy)

The company wants you to create a top-notch world-class quality piece of hardware. You’re excited, because you have all the plans in place and you’ve researched your end of the design, all that’s left is the budget allocation for the project. Then, when the budget is given, you are suddenly surprised that the budget you were expecting was cut in half—wtf!

But, hey! Great engineers can compromise, right? So you still do your best to create their top-notch, world-class quality hardware. A few cheap component substitutes here, another budget cut for that component there, and wham! Your hardware is finally done—but it doesn’t end there. After a few testing points, your hardware begins to malfunction, overheat, and can’t give the optimum output requirement.

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If only they provided better materials, if only they gave you the right budget. In the end, the blame is on the electronics design engineer.

3. Being Asked to “Fix” Someone Else’s Design Without any Notes From the Previous Electronics Design Engineer

What Pisses Off Electronics Engineers (Source: Giphy)

No electronics design engineer wants to mess with another engineer’s work without prior notes from the previous engineer. Period. Every engineer’s design is unique and sometimes it’s not easy to understand the design without a guide. If it is absolutely necessary, they’d do it. But they’d prefer to design their own from scratch.

4. Being Invited to a Friend’s Home, Only to Be Asked to Repair their Busted Stereo

What Pisses Off Electronics Engineers (Source: Giphy)

I don’t mind helping people with their busted appliances—sigh, the perfect engineering stereotype, but sometimes it gets a bit too irritating if it’s asked of you too often. Sometimes it gets to a point where you are invited into a home, expecting to relax and watch a good movie or have a good chat with your friends, but in the end they suddenly go find a busted appliance and ask you if you could take a look at it. Talk about timing! We’re not repair technicians for crying out loud!

5. Being Stereotyped as “The Guy/Girl Who Can Repair Anything”

What Pisses Off Electronics Engineers (Source: Giphy)

“You’re an electronics engineer, right?”


“Awesome! So you can fix, pretty much anything electronic!”

“uh, I wouldn’t say anything—“

“That’s awesome, now our team has someone to repair our (insert office electronic gadget here)”

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Okay. I hate this conversation. The next thing you know, you’ll be asked to fix jammed photocopy machines, busted printers, and overheating CPU’s.

That’s a lot of rants, but it speaks the truth. So, if you have an electronics engineers in your office, you might want to take note of these and be a bit more understanding. I’m sure engineers in different fields have their own rants too, so stay tuned!

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