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Most Adults Want a Microchip Implant in their Brain – Survey

A survey involving 4,726 adults were interviewed

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Would You Want a Brain Microchip? A Third of Adults Would
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Microchip Implant

Having an implantable memory microchip is still so far from reality. A memory chip in the brain is a favorable feat though, a safe conclusion after a study by Pew Research Center found out that a third of U.S. adults would be “enthusiastic” about having one to improve thinking power.

The survey involved 4,726 adults which measured if they are in favor of three emerging technologies that could improve a person’s health, cognitive ability or physical capacity.

Source: Vocativ

Majority of the respondents felt uneasy or worried; but in all three cases, at least one-third of them were enthusiastic for a brain microchip.

Sixty-nine percent is worried about using implanted brain chips to boost our thinking power, with the rest enthusiastic. 68% is worried about editing the genes of babies to eliminate hereditary flaws and disease; and 63% is worried about transfusing synthetic blood to give people much greater speed, strength and stamina.

Such technology fears 73% of the respondents, saying that brain chips, when they become available, will only be obtained by the wealthy and thus would foster inequality.

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