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Engineering 1st Placer Using Kaizen in Licensure Exam

To become successful in life, we must always strive to be better, Kaizen

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Most engineering graduates would choose to pursue a career where they can practice everything they learned in college in their chosen industries.

In the Philippines, a lot of fresh graduates who pass the licensure exam practice their given fields right after, but there are a few of them who choose to teach aspiring young engineers as they prepare for their licensure examinations.

BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE) Class of 2015 and Magna Cum Laude graduate, Emiliano M. Tan
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These engineer instructors prefer to guide and inspire their students as a way of giving back for all the things (or “blessings”) they received in their journey in becoming engineers themselves.

Such is the case of Emilano Tan, a graduate in the BS Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Engr. Emil Tan
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He got the top spot in the Philippines’ 2015 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination. Being first placer is an honor and a privilege for Engr. Emil to serve his countrymen.

Now, he works as an instructor for Excel Review Center, where he teaches various subjects for aspiring electronics engineers.

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In this feature story, Emil shares his experiences during college and during his review days to inspire our readers, who may be taking their licensure exams soon.

He also shares his advices on reviewing properly, #adulting and being single in engineering school.

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What did you do to prepare for your board exam?

Just like all takers, I studied a lot.

The most significant part however was the initial mindset conditioning – where I first convinced myself that I can achieve my goals.

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Did you expect you’d top the exam?

Expect, nope. Hoped, yes.

(Well, I felt that I’ll get a decent score but I didn’t eliminate the fact that others may be better.)

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Were you always an achiever in college? What were your study habits?

Ever since, yes. I believe that in order to become successful in life, we must always strive to be better everyday. Kaizen, continuous improvement.

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My study habit relied heavily on time management because I was also a part of the student council in our college back then.

I made sure that I was always using my time efficiently, divided mainly among academics, extra-curriculars and leisure.

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Time is precious. I don’t cram when I study.

I study chunks of lectures divided among different days to reduce stress rather than studying one subject all in one day.

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How did your life change after passing the board exam (and being number one in your batch)?

I gained more trust and confidence in myself.

Also, it helped me in contributing for my family’s financial needs.

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Did you notice any perks for topping the exam?

Well, I think more people knew me. You know when they say “with great power comes great responsibility”?

I took advantage of that opportunity to inspire students and future engineers.

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What are your tips for fresh graduates who are preparing for any engineering licensure exam?

1. Set a goal. Then set a higher goal.

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2. Spend some time first in planning how you will achieve your goal.

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3. Believe that you can, and you will.


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Do you find #adulting to be hard?

Not really.

The difficult part is becoming the breadwinner of your family, but if you love what you’re doing, everything else will seem to be easy.

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Where do you work and why did you choose it?

I’m currently working as an instructor in Excel Review Center.

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I teach various subjects to aspiring electronics engineers.

I chose to teach at Excel because I think it’s innate in me to give back. And I felt that the best way for me to repay what I have received is to take my turn in sharing my knowledge to future engineers.

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What’s your message to anyone who’s about to enter the world of professionals?

The world of professionals is too big.

Don’t be afraid to try.

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Don’t be afraid to fail, for it is in our failures that we discover ourselves.

We heard this guy has female fans in his review center, so we decided to talk about his love life too and he has an advice for all the single engineering students out there. 

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Are you single?


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What are you looking for in a girl (or guy)?

Someone responsible with a great sense of humor. Someone who can present herself well.

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What’s your advice on single engineering students? How about those who are in a relationship?

Well single or in a relationship, my advice is just  always have balance.

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Remember first that you are an engineer and you have a role on the society, but don’t forget that you’re also a human and you should have time for yourself, partner, friends and family.

If you want to know more about Emil Tan and the review center he is part of, add him up on Facebook.

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He’s very excited to meet more aspiring electronics engineers… and hopefully, THE ONE.

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