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Being an Engineering Professor Isn’t as Easy as You Think

Some engineering students think that the job of an engineering professor is to simply teach and give engineering students hell on campus—well, you’re wrong.

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As I was having coffee with a friend of mine, we talked about our current jobs. She was an Engineering Professor at the University where we both graduated from. She told me how rewarding her job was, and how much she enjoyed her job. But like every coffee story between two besties, she also told me that being an engineering professor isn’t as easy as everyone thinks.


Some engineering students think that an engineering professor’s job is to simply teach and give engineering students hell on campus—well, you’re wrong.

An engineering professor’s job is no joke, and students should learn to appreciate them the way they deserve to be, and here’s why.

They are your guides


You want to be a bad-ass engineer in the near future, don’t you? Well, at engineering school, your professors guide you to be prepared for the future—and that includes giving you more than you can handle. The world of engineering is a lot tougher than you think it is, so tough that you’ll miss going to college once you’re in the professional world.

They constantly learn for your sake

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Your professors do their best to be updated with the latest engineering trends so they won’t teach you outdated data! After all, we engineers need to adapt with constant change. So they’re not only teaching, they’re learning during their free time as well.

They take home their work


Yes they do, office free time isn’t enough to check all your papers! It would be good if all the exams were multiple choice, but no—most exams and quizzes are pure problem solving. Imagine checking and verifying solutions using different methods and checking to see if any of your answers can be validated—it’s a nightmare! Professors actually work overtime at home—for free.

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They challenge you to be your best

Yes, they enjoy challenging you. For whose benefit? Yours. Like I said earlier, once you become an engineering professional, you’ll realize how hard it is to keep up with the world. The pressure is intense. The best way to prepare for it is to deal with the pressure in the university.


So, don’t take your engineering professors for granted! They’re doing their best, so you should too! Tag or comment in your favorite professors and give them an awesome thank you!

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