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How the Young and Naive Survive Engineering School

Engineering School is Hard, Go Ahead and Cry

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They say that the ones who cry are weak. They say if you’re going to be in a tough position, you should just leave so that you’ll never have to go through the pain and heartbreak. 

Well, if one has a dream of becoming an engineer, one has to enroll in the hardest college programs ever. Of course, with that in mind, expect an intense level of mental torture when you have a lot of engineering subjects waiting to drive you crazy. Don’t forget the fact that you’re young and you have to deal with raging hormones. Studying hard and falling in love with someone even harder is going to happen in college. Engineering school is going to be hard. Engineering school may even be considered hell on earth.

But hey, you’re young and you make mistakes. Whether you fail an exam, miss a deadline or get your heart broken in college, it is okay to breakdown and cry. Doing so wouldn’t make you less strong and brave than what people expect of you. Those who came before did that. Those who will come after will surely do the same. Engineering school will be always give you a challenge – from a professor, a lesson, an exam, a classmate and even the ex you have to be classmates with everyday.

So I am telling you, it is okay to stop once in a while and cry. Let all your frustrations, hatred and disappointments out of your system. Go ahead, cry and shout all the profanities you know. Kick a can or throw a glass into a wall. Let it all out just to stay sane. Ironic how you have to be crazy to stay sane, right? Oh life. Oh engineering.

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When you’re done acting crazy, here’s the most important thing you have to remember: you have to get back up. You have to wipe the tears and clean up the mess you made.

When you know you’re having a hard time in class, you have to work twice as hard than you did before. Study really hard and make sure you know where to focus on.

When you know you’re dealing with a terror professor, conquer your fear and focus on what he is teaching. Make sure you understand the lessons so that it’ll be (a little) easier for you to answer his terrifying exams.

When you know you have an irritating competitive classmate around, learn to ignore… ignore… ignore. Don’t compete with that person.

When you have to see your cheating ex across the halls of your college, well, make sure you look damn good as you carry your heavy engineering books with you. If you haven’t moved on from that person, at least pretend you already did. 

Engineering school will drive you nuts. The people in it and the degree program you’re in will just make you want to stay in your room and cry all day. The struggle is real so don’t be afraid to release all your frustrations by crying. But you have to move on after it. You have to move forward.


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