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How Engineers Can Get A Job On Facebook

"They should just apply, We hire people every day who just apply to the website. We love meeting people that way. Jump right in."

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For most engineers, it’s always a dream come true to work for big companies such as Facebook.

Working with the best engineers in the world and earning a salary most people would never even attain in their lifetime – who wouldn’t want that?

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To work on Facebook would even give you the bragging rights, for some people, you’re the “cool kid.”

But of course, getting a job on Facebook is considered highly unattainable or even impossible for most of us.

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Given the competition and the pressure, only the best engineers are hired. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

Here’s what Miranda Malinowski, Facebook global head of recruiting, and Lori Goler, Vice President of people, had to say when Business Insider asked them how to ace it in an interview with Facebook.

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According to Kalinowski, the recruitment involves choosing people from job fairs at universities, the company’s careers site, conferences and even TED Talks.

Choosing the right people depends on what team you’re trying to get into.

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The first part of the screening process is through a phone interview, where representatives try to get the basics from you.

When you are considered a good prospect, you’ll get another phone call with a representative who asks more about your skills and your technical experiences.

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After the second interview, recruiters pass you on to employees who may be working with you.

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If these employees find you promising, they’ll invite you to visit Facebook and get interviewed by several other employees who may be working with you when you get accepted. You may have to undergo four to six interviews when this happens. 

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Kalinowski said, “They’re the closest to the work being done, so they’re able to impart a lot of first-hand experience about what it’s like to work on that team in that role, as well as answer any questions that the candidate might have.”

She adds that acing the interview means you shouldn’t just talk about your own accomplishments.

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Tying your experience to Facebook’s core values is important. Don’t forget to review what they are!


Her advice to anyone who wants to work for Facebook is this: My advice is, know or explore your passion around connecting the world, because it is at the heart of every single thing we do here.

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Once you know it, be able to demonstrate it. Think about your own Facebook story. What impact has Facebook had on your life in helping you connect to the people or things that you love?

Be ready to talk about that.

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As for Goler, her advice for anyone hesitating to apply is this: They should just apply, We hire people every day who just apply to the website. We love meeting people that way.

Jump right in.

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Business Insider


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