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An Engineer’s Guide On Dealing With Failure

We experience failures in different degrees. Things will get better but before they do, you must learn how to deal with failure. Here are some tips.

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We’ve all been there. Life has always been tough ever since we entered engineering school. We had to go through difficult subjects, terror professors and failing grades just to make it out alive. As soon as we’ve gotten our diplomas, we thought life would be easier for us since there will be no grades or teachers to make our lives difficult. But that’s where we’re wrong.

Suddenly, we get jobs that can be too stressful for us. Our boss gives us projects that are too much too handle and we have to land clients that are very hard to please. One day, you just realized that you’re starting to fail in your job. You couldn’t deliver what is expected from you. You get scolded by your boss for being inefficient and you failed to land the client your company needs. You’re starting to think of the worst thoughts possible and you just find yourself thinking that you have the worst life ever.

Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. We experience failures in different degrees. Some of us manage it well and some just give up. Don’t be that engineer who gives up on their jobs just because of one failure. Things can turn around quickly. Things will get better but before they do, you must learn how to deal with failure. Here are some tips:


You need to accept the fact that failures happen to everyone. This will be one of those projects that just didn’t see the green light. Think of this experience as something where you can learn from it. The first step on dealing with failure is accepting that it happened.

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Reject rejection.

Don’t let the rejection get you. If it does, your mind will always tell you that you can never make it next time. Avoid thinking of rejection and don’t let this failure stop you from succeeding in your next endeavor.

Let the frustration out.

It’s normal to get frustrated over something you worked hard for yet failed to achieve. So go ahead, let it out. Talk to your friends about it. Do whatever it takes to get rid of the frustration that’s boiling up in your head.

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It’s not personal.

Don’t think that this failure is a reflection of you. What you did may have failed but YOU are not failure. Remember that all the time.

Relax your mind.

It helps to do something that can ease your mind. Try watching a favorite comedy or going on a night out with friends. You have to relax your mind to cope with the stress and try to be happy.

Practice the 24-hour rule.

It’s okay to feel sad or mourn about the failure but only give yourself 24 hours to do so. 24 hours should be enough to reflect on the mistakes and after that, move on. Move forward. Start planning on what to do next, what your next actions should be and what you should work on to achieve success.

Have a good support system.

It’s absolutely necessary to surround yourself with good company around you. Hang out with your family and trusted friends who could help cheer you up. Who knows, they may even help you come up with your plans to redeem yourself.

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Work on the next step you need to take.

Don’t dwell on the past. Instead work hard to make your next project successful. You’ve learned from your failures and use those things to your advantahe. Work hard and work smart to achieve the success you badly want as an engineer.

Article Source: Inc. Southeast Asia

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