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What Engineers Should Never Ask During a Job Interview

You want to get hired? Stay away from these questions.

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Every engineer who applies for a position in a company goes through the dreading job interview. Someone from the human resources department is tasked to ask the questions regarding your background and whereabouts. Sometimes it is the project manager who asks. Regardless, there will come a point in the interview that the floor will be opened for you to ask the questions. Engineers, read carefully.

In such situation, here are questions that you need to be mindful about, as much as possible refrain or avoid from, as they might set a not-so-good impression.

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What is the salary? This kind of question, when asked too early, turns off the potential employer. It gives the company an idea that you are applying for the pay and not the work. Yes, it is a critical factor in finding a job – but don’t rush to it. Ask in the right timing.

Can I work from home? Most engineers have to do a lot of monitoring and office work and this question doesn’t fit so well in any company that you will apply into. Unless you are for a freelance or flexible job arrangement, then this is okay to ask. But in most cases, engineers are bound to be at the site or office all the time.

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Am I allowed to arrive late or leave early if there’s not much to do? The moment you ask this question is the same moment that the employer has raised a red flag with your application. Any question that concerns most about you and less of the company is damaging to your probability of being hired.

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How quickly can I get promoted or get a raise? While it’s okay to be forward-looking, engineers should focus first on the job needed to be done before the promotion or raise. Dwell on the content of the current job that is offered, and the progression in your company will just appear before you.

How much paid vacation would I get? This is a big no if you are in an initial job interview. You are just about to be employed and you are already thinking of your vacation? That’s not how engineers, especially the applying ones, are supposed to think. All these questions concerning your time away from the office can all be asked later.

It doesn’t matter if the job interview is over the phone or in an office meeting. The key is to ask the right questions that the company you are applying for will appreciate.

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