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Facebook COO Wants Us To Date The Nerds

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shares why dating nerds and the good guys can be good for women and their careers. So, will you date a nerd?

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We all know who Sheryl Sandberg is. Currently one of the most powerful women in the tech industry, she’s the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook – a position that’s not easily given to anyone from one of the world’s biggest companies. A few years ago, she wrote a book about women to “lean in” to their careers. She used her book as a platform for a call to action to inspire and empower women in the workplace. Now, she wants women to do with same in finding love and handling relationships.

When asked by a reporter from Financial Times what she should look for in a relationship, she answered, “The guys who want an equal relationship. Guys who want to support your career. You have a great career.”

In short, she wants women to date “the good guys”. If you want to know if you’re dating one of them, Sandberg said all you have to do is ask them. Sounds easy to do, right? As soon as you go out on a date, ask the guy if he’s one of those men who will support you in your career and wants an equal relationship.

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Sandberg doesn’t want you to be afraid to be upfront. Ask the question before you get into something serious with the person.

In the interview, she said:

“‘You can date whoever you want, but you should marry the nerds and the good guys,’ she advised. You dated the bad guys? I ask. ‘A little bit.’

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“I tell her I’m 30 and unmarried: who should I be looking for? ‘The guys who want an equal relationship. Guys who want to support your career. You have a great career,’ she said. Embracing the idea of Sandberg as agony aunt, I ask how you tell who the good guys are. ‘You ask and you ask early and you are not afraid of offending. If they’re going to be offended by the answer, you don’t want to date them anyway.'”

What do you think of her advice? Would you date a nerd? Or are you dating one already?

Article Source:
Business Insider

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