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Failure in Engineering Exam is Success in Progress

I failed in exams. I failed in major subjects. Heck, I was the only one who failed in our class in the licensure exam.

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Engineering College Problems


Engineering college life:  I was never the achiever in class.

I often get left behind because I never easily understood the lessons taught and I never made the effort to try harder. Sometimes, in order for me to catch up to our lessons, I would beg for the smartest kid in class to help me with the paper.

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I know it wasn’t the best way to get a passing grade but desperate times call for desperate measures. Teachers looked down on me because I never appeared smart in class.

Classmates labelled me as the dumb one because I always showed everyone a blank expression when asked about school matters.

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To them, I was just the classmate who got by because the professors pitied me. It hurts to be that kid. It hurts to be remembered as the dumb on in class.


While I knew where my strengths are, I also knew that engineering was one of my weaknesses.

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You may ask me why I pursued it then. Well, to answer that question, I took it because I wanted it.

It’s not exactly the best answer I could give but I knew I needed to take it. Deep down, I knew I wanted to be an engineer.

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As expected, if I was having a difficult time in my studies, chances of failing a lot in exams and subjects were high.

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And yes, I did fail miserably. I failed in exams. I failed in major subjects. Heck, I was the only one who failed in our class in the licensure exam.

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I was every professor’s nightmare and nobody really wanted to hangout with me. I had failure written all over my face.

Everyone in the department knows that I’ll never be that person they can trust to help them with their academic standing.

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Sure, I had moments when I wanted to hate myself and invite people over for a pity party. Hello everyone, come here and pity me.

But I knew I had to persevere. I knew that if I really wanted to be an engineer, I had to work hard for it. I had to find ways to make it. After all, isn’t that what engineers do – make things possible?

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It took me years to realize the most important lesson of what was going on in my life.

For someone who has been ashamed of one’s self, it really hurt my pride to keep seeing failing grades. But what I didn’t realize was every time I get a failing grade in an exam, I studied more to improve my score in the next exam.

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When I fail a subject, I try again and I eventually passed.

When I failed the licensure exam – after crying my heart out for disappointing my parents and everyone else, I studied really really hard and I passed on my second take.

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I realized that for every failure I got, I was given the opportunity to try again.

Second chances, third chances, whatever chance you’re given, you should always open your doors to trying again.

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It’s never going to be easy but trying again allows you to see your mistakes and learn from them.

Once you do, chances are you’ll end up a wiser and better individual.

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While I still see myself as the kid who was never on top of the class, I knew that I never gave up despite the failures. So here’s to all of the engineering college students who are having a hard time after failing – Don’t give up.

Try again. Try again and again. Then one day, you’ll be surprised that you made it. So go, give it another try.

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