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Filipino Electronics Engineer Motivates Future Engineers Through Song

I wanna be an engineer, so freakin’ bad…

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So, how bad do you want that engineering license?

You’ve done your best in engineering school and finally graduated, but it doesn’t end there. After that, there’s another challenge to face that will complete the first step towards professionalism—taking your licensure examination.

Reviewing for your licensure examination can be very stressful mentally. This isn’t just any normal exam wherein you could procrastinate reviewing for a week or two. Usually it takes a few months to cram 4 (or more) years of your engineering knowledge into your brain before you can say that you’re ready to take the licensure examination. The anxiety is real!

That’s why Emanuel Gabriel, a Filipino engineer, created a cover of Travie McCoy’s and Bruno Mars’ hit song, Billionaire, to motivate future licensure examination takers everywhere.

Source: YouTube, Emanuel Gabriel

Engr. Emanuel got the top spot in the Philippines’ 2014 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination, and was one of the 5th placers in the 2013 Electronics Technician Licensure Examination. He was also Magna Cum Laude in the course BS Electronics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Maragondon. Currently, he is an instructor at Excel Review Center, a licensure examination review center in the Philippines.

According to Emanuel, he already had the feeling that he would pass both exams, and he was aiming to be at the top—and he succeeded on both examinations.

He created the cover because he was inspired by his students. “I also did it to lessen the nervousness of all engineers-in-the-making who will take the exam, especially my students,” Emanuel said. “I want to be part of an engineering student’s success that’s why I’ve decided to choose a teaching career. I feel very happy that I will always be part of their success.” He added.

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Here’s a piece of advice from Emanuel for the future batches of engineers around the world: “Always have a timeline, put more effort on your studies, but make sure that you also have your leisure time. Always take notes, it will surely help you.”

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