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Should Filipino Engineers Consider Working in The IT Field?

According to Philippines, the information technology (IT) sector pays an average monthly wage of P22,567.

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It’s normal for every fresh graduate to be ambitious. With their lives ahead of them, they want to succeed in every field they’ll practice. In the Philippines, most fresh graduates feel more pressured to get a higher paying job because they have to support their families – from their parents to their siblings. But the competition is high and there are not enough jobs for every young graduate in the country. Experts would often advise these fresh graduates to not only excel in their academics but they must also develop life skills that can contribute in improving their skills inside and outside of work.

While some experts admit that the school one goes to matters. 

But let’s go back to the topic: high-paying jobs. While some companies offer basic minimum wage to most fresh graduates, there are industries that pay more than P20,000 each moth. According to Philippines, the information technology (IT) sector pays an average monthly wage of P22,567. This is based on the the data the company gathered on its website from users around October to December 2015. Working in the IT industry includes the jobs – software development, computer technician and web administration.

Source: Allmagnews
Source: Allmagnews

Here is the rest of the list of top paying jobs for fresh graduates:

#1 IT-Related Php 22,567

#2 Actuarial/Statistics Php 21,391

#3 Law/Legal Services Php 21,132

#4 Healthcare-related Php 20,048

#5 Journalist/Editor Php 19,808

#6 Training & Development Php 19,723

#7 Quality Control/Assurance Php 19,337

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#8 Public Relations/Communications Php 19,242

#9 Merchandising Php 19,095

#10 Customer Service-Related Php 19,036

Given that this list was released by Philippines, a popular website where Filipinos go to for job hunting, do you agree with this list? What happened to engineering jobs? Aren’t fresh engineering graduates not paid high enough in their field? Leave your comments and opinions below.

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