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What Do You Get When You Mix Cats and Modern Technology

Cats and technology? What do you get when you put them both in one article? Cuteness overload! You'll definitely want to see this!

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If there’s one thing people look forward to in the internet, it’s seeing cute animals being adorable and funny on video. That’s why millions of people subscribe to several accounts that feature furry friends such as cats and dogs. If you look at several Instagram accounts, you’ll see how one picture of a lazy cat lying on the floor and ignoring a toy can gain thousands of likes. It’s safe to say that humans have a soft spot for cute furry beasts like a cat.

So what happens when you mix engineering and cats? You’ll get an overload of adorable pictures from engineers all over the world. Whether these are cats “using” a computer or busy “fixing” a mouse, it will surely put a smile on your face. Is there a place for cats in engineering?

Do you need something to brighten up your day?

Source: Tony DiCola via Ada Fruit

Let’s see. What’s wrong with this one? 

Source: Gaya via Ada Fruit

I’m an engineer and you can hire me for field troubleshooting.

Source: Mark Litwack via Ada Fruit

Thank goodness it finally worked! I’m so tired already.

Source: Matthew Nelson via Ada Fruit

What do you mean I have to read the whole book?

Source: fede142857 via Ada Fruit

What? You thought I was only good at destroying your furniture?

Source: Sausage via Ada Fruit

I’m the engineer in this pair.

Source: Zak Zebrowski

Excuse me! I’m studying here.

Source: RS via Ada Fruit

You’re probably doing it wrong but I’ll take a nap so good luck with that.

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Source: ds via Ada Fruit

I’m a part-time engineer and a part-time model.

Source: NL via Ada Fruit

I’ve been soldering all night. Let me get some rest.

Source: Alex Boguslavsky via Ada Fruit

You couldn’t understand what I’m reading anyway.

Source: Sean Squire via Ada Fruit

Can you help me with my project?

Source: Manu Mispel via Ada Fruit

I think you’re making a mistake there but I won’t help you.

Source: Kate Lanyon via Ada Fruit

All the things I learned in engineering helped me create this from scratch!

Source: Oleg Mazurov via Ada Fruit

Let me review my notes.

Source: Matias Soler via Ada Fruit

Why are you checking your Facebook? We have work to do!

Source: Ali Yousuf via Ada Fruit

Are you sure I can solder all by myself?

Source: CopperPete via Ada Fruit

Are you sure you calculated the size of the field right?

Source: Joey Alvey via Ada Fruit

We got this!

Source: Brian Naylor via Ada Fruit

There must be some glitches. We need to check again.

Source: Scott Gibson via Ada Fruit

I regret playing with this robot. Ugh!

Source: Ian Schulz via Ada Fruit

Coding can be exhausting!

Source: Carrie Lang via Ada Fruit

Am I the only one here who knows how this works?

Source: Miceuz via Ada Fruit

Article Source: Ada Fruit


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