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How to Handle Peer Pressure in Engineering University

Have you ever felt being in a ‘Hot Seat’?

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Peer pressure in engineering university

Peer pressure is very common in college. Students are more vulnerable to peer pressure than adults, and isn’t necessarily bad, but sometimes wrong choices can get to the point where they are driven into activities that may be dangerous or could lead to dangerous habits.

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Here are some tips to handle peer pressure:

Build Your Self-Esteem

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This is one of the most important steps in managing peer pressure. When you are confident with yourself, you will less likely to give in when you’re being pressured. Surround yourself with positive role models to help build your self-esteem.

Choose your Companions Wisely

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Hello mr. obvious. Choose friends who you know are accepting of who you are and respects what you are. You will feel more comfortable with these kind of people, and they will less likely to pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Think of the Consequences

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When you’re in the hot seat, before you give in—think of the consequences that could happen. There are those that are alright, but there are also those that are dangerous. Stay away from the latter.

Follow Your Instincts

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Sometimes if you’re not really sure what to do, it’s best to go with your gut. Peer pressure isn’t always something bad, but if you really feel uncomfortable and sense that it could lead to something dangerous in the future—say no.

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Stand Your Ground

Engineering school peer pressure (Source: Giphy)

Learn to say no. It can be hard to say no sometimes, but it’s important to learn to say so. You have to learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

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