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Here’s To The Single Moms Who Raised Engineers

In this article, let's thank every single mother who raised her children despite the challenges and discrimination one had to go through over the years.

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Raising a family is hard. I’ve seen how challenging it was for my parents to raise me and my two other siblings while making their relationship work. To run a business together while making sure everything was provided for us was definitely an eye opener for me that taught me how providing a good life for one’s family is never an easy task. Even if you married someone rich, different challenges will test a family. Luckily for me, I had a devoted mother and a hard-working father who were able to raise us, three kids, and helped us get into the professions we preferred – in medicine, banking and engineering.

While the normal family setting tells us that children should have a mother and a father to raise  them, we all know that is never the case for everyone now. While some of us are blessed to have two parents to guide us as we grow up, there are other people who grew up with single mothers or fathers only. They may have lost one parent through an illness, through separation while some were born without ever having to know their fathers. And in this article, I would like to put a spotlight on every single mother who raised her children despite the challenges and discrimination one had to go through over the years.

In most countries, it saddens me that some men look down on single mothers. These women, who struggle to raise their kids on their own, do not get the same respect from other people because of what the public judges them to be despite the lack of knowledge behind these mothers’ stories. In some cases, these single mothers are often laughed at, ridiculed and even frowned upon in many conservative countries because of the decisions they made in their lives and no matter how many achievements they make for themselves, they’ll always be seen as single mothers in a negative light by judgmental clueless people who have nothing to contribute to this society.

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But you know what, screw those misogynistic views that shame every mother who worked so hard to raise her kids properly. If you happen to be an engineer who was raised by a single mother, let’s all stand up to women like her! Heck, even if you aren’t an engineer, we should all give praises and show our respects to every single mother who never gave up in helping her children achieve their dreams.

Here’s to the single mother who had to work two or three jobs to provide food for the table and pay the bills without the support of a loving husband. It’s about time we praise the single mothers we know for all the sacrifices they made just to keep their children safe at night. They wake up early to prepare breakfast, work overtime and sleep late just to make sure there’s money to spend on every child’s education. To the single mothers who raised engineers and doctors and architects and every other professional, we raise our glasses to you. Not everyone gets to do what you’re doing and it makes us so proud to have known women like you.

To the single mothers who kept on going even if their bodies ached and their hearts are broken, you deserve all the love and respect this world can offer. Despite all the criticisms, judgments and cringe-worthy attacks on you, you managed to rise above all of them and put your focus on making sure that you are raising your children right. Just like other mothers, you are worthy of recognition. You do not deserve to be looked down on by people who see you as a joke to this community – because you are not, they are.

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To the single mothers who raised engineers, thank you for seeing them through engineering school. In an environment where competition is tough and where administrations show no mercy in kicking out students who do not seem fit to be part of this hard profession, you have shown support to your children who wanted so bad to practice the field.

And here’s to the engineers who are now single mothers – it will be tougher for all of you but you will make it. May you raise happy children who will dare to dream big like you did and may they grow up to become people who respect both sexes. You will make new sacrifices like you did when you were still a student (but this time, tougher sacrifices for sure). But never let the world bring you down. Never.

Lastly, here’s to the engineers who were raised by single mothers – make sure you protect and defend them from anyone who recklessly gives unsolicited hurtful advices. Do not accept a belittling remark as a light joke that a chauvinist will say as something not everyone will understand. Don’t. It’s time we take a stand and show how women play a crucial role in this society and how being a mother is one tough job.

To the single mothers out there, whoever you are, you are loved and you have my respect!

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