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I Had To Leave Her for My Engineering Career

I’m still not sure if it was worth it…

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Engineering Career


You need to choose: Your romantic relationship or engineering career?

Did you ever reach that point in life where you have to absolutely choose between two things that you absolutely love?

That no matter which you chose, you know a part of you will certainly die inside?

Well, this guy certainly has.

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Here’s a story from one of our readers.

Sometimes a man’s got to do what he’s got to do… even if he doesn’t want to.

I’ve always been confused. Do I choose to be with you, or should I go and pursue my lifelong dream to be an engineer?

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If I choose to be with you, I’ll have to give up on my lifelong dream.

If I don’t, then I’ll have to give up on you.

It’s a fork in the road I’m not willing to take, but life is tricky and we have to keep up with it.

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In the end I chose to reach my dream.

I chose it because I wanted to be a better person for myself, for us, for our future.

In every challenge I took, every presentation I created, an every cup of coffee I sipped during my overtime—it was you who was on my mind.

I knew I needed to have you back in my life.

So, I promised myself I’d come back for you.

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The time came when I was ready. Unfortunately, you were already with someone else.

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How does one deal with pain such as this?

When the one you love is happily with someone else, and you can’t do anything about it.

I knew we had a chance, but I chose to pursue my career.

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I know I have to accept this but, it just hurts so badly.

How can I sleep at night when I know it’s still me you love, but you chose to be with him because I chose my career, and you can’t stand me being far away.

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Maybe, I’ll just have to deal with it…

‘coz in the end it’s our choices that makes us who we are.

It just so happens that this is my story—bittersweet.

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Engr. Mary Lucas
Social Media geek living in Dubai. Mechanical Engineer chick, blogger, writer, inventor, and social good follower. Love nature, science & techn. I'm tweeting @MaryLucas87


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