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4 Reasons Why Shrink Film is the Way Forward 

Shrink film is also commonly know as shrink wrap or cling wrap

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Shrink film is also commonly know as shrink wrap or cling wrap.


If you find yourself handling large quantities of valuable or perishable items you would know and appreciate the value of shrink wrap as an essential tool in protective packaging. We are not talking about the domestic ‘cling wrap’ but a Shrinkwrap made from a plastic polymer film that when heated shrinks and wraps tightly around any object conforming to its unique shape.

Shrink wrap is universal, no matter what industry your business falls into shrink wrap can be used for almost any packaging purpose and offers several advantages.

We have outlined just 4 reasons why more and more business owners are opting for shrink wrap.


1. Product Protection

When your product passes through a heat tunnel the shrink film forms a seal, which creates a protective barrier against external elements. This shrink film also provides security and containment of the load during transportation and when the package travels, the film helps to prevent damages resulting from heat, moisture, or dust. Contrary to popular belief shrink wrap is thicker than it looks it’s surprisingly durable and highly resistant to punctures. Shrink film doesn’t chafe or tear as easily as other materials.

2. Cost Effective Packaging

Shrink wrap is one of the most cost-effective and affordable ways to protect items compared to other packaging materials. Shrink wrapping helps to itemize and consolidate items together which means less space is taken up with bulk storage of items on your warehouse floor.

3. Product Security

The concern for shipping security is one of the primary reasons why shrink wrap is used by government agencies, medical facilities and financial institutions because if something is tampered with, the intrusion is easily identified because broken shrink wrap is impossible to re-apply without further disfiguration.

4. Versatility

Shrink film is a very versatile material and can be used for a variety of packaging applications irrespective of the product type or industry. If you’re a company that finds yourself shipping perishable items shrink wrap is invaluable as it has the ability to preserve that product and potentially extend the shelf life especially useful when extended transport or storage periods may be necessary. A shrink film can either be made to shrink unidirectional or bidirectional so there is no restriction to what can be packaged. Several different types of speciality films can be highly effective for specific products offering unique wrap solutions such as security wrap for concealing high-value loads or ventilated stretch film where airflow is required for fresh produce.

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Another advantage of shrink film lies in its versatility to customize and brand your product. Shrink film can easily be branded with words, colours and logos and used as a marketing tool as well as increasing the visual appearance of the product.

5. Convenience

Shrink wrap can be used for any project or product irrespective of whether it is for retail, food, industrial or pharmaceutical purposes, shrink film can be utilized for a broad range of applications. There is no restriction on size or application and can be used for wrapping system components, like wiring or containing commercial loads of bagged salt. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions are definitely an emerging trend that many companies are catching onto and shrink wrap is no different. Shrink wrap options are biodegradable and recyclable which helps in the reduction of the carbon footprint on the environment and company’s use this brand choice to highlight their commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions.

For more information regarding shrink wrap and stretch film, be sure to visit our Source.


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