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These Inventions Motivate You to Use Laziness To Your Advantage

Laziness has led a lot of people to invent a lot of convenient things we take for granted.

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It’s true that for one to achieve success, discipline, drive, determination and hard work are some of the important aspects a person must have. But it’s important to note as well that laziness has also led to the creation of many conveniences we have today that we take for granted.

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There are a few inventions and companies that are present today thanks to someone’s laziness. This may inspire you to embrace your laziness and come up with the next greatest invention. Here are some examples of inventions that may have come up from laziness.


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It was the day of defending our thesis and our project was a wee bit too bulky. It didn’t help that the room reserved for the defense was in the 7th floor. You might say ‘didn’t your school have escalators?!’ Unfortunately, we didn’t (we didn’t have elevators as well)—so yes, we had to carry our huge-ass project through 6 flights of stairs.

This made me think. Imagine a world without elevators or escalators. They may be thought of as an invention for the ‘lazy’, but they can certainly be useful for many occasions.  Jesse Reno invented and built the first working escalator in 1896. His concept of not having to climb the stairs was such an awesome idea that in just 2 weeks, 75,000 people rode the invention during an exhibition at Coney Island.


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This is one of the ‘inventions’ that will surely make you embrace your lazy. If you were the youngest in the family during movie night way back in the 70’s or 80’s, you were automatically the family’s channel-changer. Isn’t it convenient to have a device that could flip your television channels without having to go over your television set and manually change channels?

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Whether it’s a personal computer, smartphone, laptop, or wearable, these awesome inventions came to life all thanks to Konrad Zuse. Zuse was an engineer who was too ‘lazy for math’, as he explained, that he invented a machine that could solve all of those mathematical tasks for him.

Credit Cards

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Trivia: In 2014, there were 195.56 billion credit card transactions across the globe. This was all thanks to Frank McNamara who invented the ‘Diner Card’ in 1949. Back then, he found himself without enough cash to pay for his restaurant tab so he invented an ingenious way to pay.

Social Networks

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Yes. Even social networking is a result of embracing one’s lazy. Mark Zuckerberg created an early version of his social media platform to get his fellow students to do most of his art history research for an upcoming final. By uploading images onto the platform, adding a comment section at inviting his fellow students to comment, Zuckerberg was able to gather information and crowd-source their notes.

 Bill Gates once said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he or she will find an easy way to do it.”

I’m not saying that we should all be lazy and wait for some amazing genius to overcome our mind. I’m saying that we could use it to our advantage to create and design things that could make our world a better and more comfortable place to live in. After all, designing and creating things are what engineers do best!

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