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Life of Every Filipino Fresh Graduate Engineer

Life after graduating from engineering school hasn’t been easy. It was heavily loaded--mentally and emotionally.

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Here’s a letter to all the young fresh graduate Pinoy Engineers out there.

Dear Future Self,

Life after graduating from engineering school hasn’t been easy. It was heavily loaded–mentally and emotionally.

It was definitely a roller coaster ride, a flurry of times that you either disappointed yourself with the mistakes you made, or you would be proud of yourself for exceeding your expectations.

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Being a young professional, you took life as it passed by. You experimented with work, love, and life and felt that you had the right answers to everything.

You discovered better way to do things, but sometimes visited your old habits.

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At 22,

You learned that family is a priority. It was your first overtime and you were alone in the office, and it was 3:00 AM.

You felt alone, and just wanted to go home to your apartment–you’ve never felt this alone.

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The only thing that was holding you together was that sandwich you ate at 8:00 PM, your pride and your will to get things done.

You get the urge to call your mom (whom you haven’t seen in awhile, because you work miles from your hometown), and you call her.

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The second she answered and asked how you were, tears began to fall from your eyes and all she could make out from what you said was “I want to go home”.

So she tells you calm down, pack up now, get a cab and go home. You were f*cking pathetic, but listening to your mom felt hella good. Since then, you called back home more often.

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At 23

You learned that a lot of old friendships were only superficial.

There were times when you genuinely needed some friends to lift you up, but everyone was too busy.

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You had numbers on your phone that don’t seem to call or text, or don’t even bother to reply when you contact them (but are marked as “active now” on Facebook).

Then you realize that to these people, you are only a “connection” that they need in the future. You learned to keep your circle of friends small.

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At 24

You learned that learning doesn’t end after college.

Working under a routine engineering job can be boring, so you learned to talk to other people with different at work and asked them to teach you something new.

You got scolded a million times by your superiors, but you knew well in your mind that it was worth it.

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At 26

You learned that loving yourself comes first before loving your job.

Being a dynamic and energetic new employee, you pushed through impossible deadlines, rendering unbelievable overtime work and continued to do your best the next day.

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After continuously doing this for 4 years, you suddenly burned out and all your enthusiasm was slowly depleting.

Resignation was the only answer in your mind that time.

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You were ready to leave, but thanks to the pieces of advice from some superiors and friends, you realized that you needed to learn how to balance your personal life and work and were able to compromise how you handled your stressful engineering job.

You learned that by learning to love yourself first, you are able to love your job more.

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Yes… you definitely learned a lot, in the past you might have thought that by this time you would have been rich and by the age of 30 you’ve got it all.

But here’s the deal. The best thing you’ve learned so far is that you DON’T HAVE TO RUSH IT ALL to get your ultimate goals.

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You’ve learned that it will take time to be a successful professionally and personally, and that time will vary for every person.

So future self, take note of this, go steady and remember everything you’ve learned so far.

Learn to live, learn to love, learn to learn, and learn to laugh in the process. The best is yet to come, in time you’ll definitely get there!

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Sincerely yours,

27 year old engineer

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