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Meet the Women in the Automotive Design Industry

Auto designing is not only men.

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These are the badass women in automotive design industry!

The first thing that comes into mind when we speak about women and designing is probably fashion. Rarely would we think that women and designing can also be about cars. Yup, lots of women actually design automobiles, and perhaps one of these cars that they design is your ride right now.

Source: Go Technical Services

It is almost a given that the automobile industry is a man’s game. But statistics tells us otherwise as according to Auto Alliance, women play the leading role in 85% of auto purchases. It means to say that women are very into cars, who even overpower men in numbers. But it’s also possible that the numbers mean that men just cannot afford cars on their own. Ha!

But undeniably, women are out there in factories and laboratories designing cars and systems, other than just being purchasers. From the initial concept to the production, and even to the complexities of the driver interface and the exterior design, women are already involved in this industry

Every car manufacturer in the world already has women in their team in various positions, specifically in designing cars. Here are few of those geniuses who are breaking ceilings when it comes to automobile design.

Annette Baumeister

Source: The BMW Group

MINI Head of Color and Trim Design and Design Quality.

Rossella Guasco

Source: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

FCA Head of the Color and Materials Style Center.

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Diane Allen

Source: NDA

Senior Design Manager Nissan Design America.

Susan Lampinen

Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford Group Chief Designer of Color and Materials.

Helen Emsely

Source: General Motors

General Motors Executive Director for Global GMC and User Experience.

Nora Arellano

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Principal Design Engineer.

Michelle Christensen

Source: Honda Motor Company

Honda Principle Exterior Designer for Acura.

Chigusa Yasui

Source: Mitsubishi Group

Mitsubishi Vice Chief Manager of Color Design.

Sharon Gauci

Women in automotive design (Source: General Motors)

General Motors Global Director.

Nicole Fonseca

Women in automotive design (Source: NDA)

Nissan Design America Senior Color and Materials Designer.

Claudia Braun

Women in automotive design (Source: Daimler AG)

Daimler AG Senior Manageer Color and Trim.

Christine Lindberg

Women in automotive design (Source: The Volvo Group)

Volvo Director of Interaction Design.

Tisha Johnson

Women in automotive design (Source: The Volvo Group)

Senior Design Director for Volvo’s North American Design Team at Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center.

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