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What Are The Odds Of You Becoming A Billionaire?

Statistics. Some of you love it, some don’t while most people really don’t have the idea how to apply the concepts in this field.

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Statistics. Some of you love it, some don’t while most people really don’t have the idea how to apply the concepts in this science. In engineering school, most students have to take a couple of statistics classes because they’ll be needing it in their major subjects along the way. It gets complicated as the classes progress, which often lead engineering students to ask, “How do stat majors survive all of these numbers?”

Putting the hate and confusion aside, did you know that statistics can be fun? From finding out your chances of winning the lottery to knowing if you’ll ever date a model in your life, statistics can actually give you a scientific basis on different things. It can even be more interesting if you apply statistics in your own life. So, before you dismiss the idea of studying it, you may want to read all these interesting stats that could convince you that statistics can be fun and useful:

1 in 7,000,000

Odds of becoming a billionaire

Could you be the next Bill Gates?

1 in 36,950,005

Odds of winning $1,000 in the McDonald’s Monopoly game

Might as well buy those fries!

1 in 20

Odds of being a victim of a serious crime

Be safe, everyone!

1 in 2

Odds of being diagnosed with cancer

This is just bad news.

1 in 200

Odds of being arrested while drunk driving

Avoid this at all cost.

1 in 500

Odds of being born with 11 fingers or toes

Do you know someone?

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1 in 11,500

Odds of winning an Oscar

But you have to be in the movie industry first.

1 in 22,000

Odds of becoming a professional athlete

Imagine a life where you get paid to be good at playing a game.

1 in 88,000

Odds of dating a supermodel

A dream come true.

1 in 354,319

Odds of dying in an airplane crash

Nobody wants to die in one.

1 in 616,488

Odds of getting killed by fireworks

Be careful, everyone!

1 in 10,000,000

Odds of becoming President of the U.S.

Imagine being the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

1 in 11,500,000

Odds of getting attacked by a shark

More sharks get killed every year.

1 in 135,145,920

Odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery

You wish!

1 in 700,000

Odds of being struck by lightning

Now this is just unfortunate.

1 in 85,714

Odds of going blind after laser eye surgery

Apparently, someone gets blind.

1 in 12,000

Odds of finding a pearl in an oyster

Do you love pearls?

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