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Online Job Interview Common Mistakes by Engineers

Never make these mistakes or else you lose your chances to be hired.

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Engineers Job Interview


Preparing for a job interview online as an engineer requires a lot of effort.

You are about to be employed by a company, which needs you to be in your best self.

After all, you are there to impress the boss or convince the human resource person that you deserve the job, which means that you have to earn it.

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There are lot of rules when it comes to job interviews.

From resumes to attire, you are bound to follow them all.

But rarely do people point out the common pitfalls of engineer applicants when in a job interview.

Here are those:

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Coming in unprepared

What kind of fool will go to a job interview unprepared?

By unprepared, it means not knowing the job you are applying for, not doing a background check of the company, or looking like a trash when in front of the interviewer.

This is a big turn-off for employers because it tells about how you really want the job.

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Being too honest

If you are nervous, don’t tell or show it to the interviewer.

As an interview, you are supposed to display them confidence even when you are waving on the camera.

You need to impress them that you can do the job at the moment it was offered to you.

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That, or saying that you cannot do the job. Then why apply?

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You should say that you are willing to learn despite the unfamiliarity of the job you are applying for.

Saying disqualifiers, implying negative qualities about yourself, and showing discomfort in the interview can cost you the job.

You don’t want that, engineer.

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Interrupting or changing of topics

You are not the star of the interview so let the other end control the flow of the conversation.

Plus, basic manners dictate that it is rude and inappropriate when somebody else is talking and you butt in.

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When you do interrupt the interviewer, note that he or she remembers and factors it in the application process – the chances are that you will be rejected.

Failing to close the interview

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Once you feel that the interview is about to close, remember that the last thing you say might the one that sticks to them.

So to get a higher chances of being hired, you should properly end the job interview by expressing your utmost interest in the engineering job or how you feel about facing the responsibilities ahead of you.

Make sure that you show interest in getting into the next step of the application process.

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Being too chatty

Only talk about things that matter to the job like your qualifications and skills, and never your personal desires and family history.

No one cares about that especially the interviewer, unless of course when he or she asks about it.

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Even when he or she does, make the story as short as possible.

It is irrelevant to your hiring process.

All companies want engineers who are ready for the job right at the moment they step in for the job interview.

Never make these mistakes or else you lose your chances to be hired.

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Source: Engineer Career Coach

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Engr. Cody Catarina
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