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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Resigning From Your Engineering Job

This may be something you might need to ponder upon.

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Quitting your job is never easy, and it is a life-changing choice. That’s why decisions like these shouldn’t be taken lightly, so pause and think first. Here are 5 questions you might want to ask yourself first before handing in that resignation letter.

#1 What are my reasons for wanting to quit?

In every decision you make whether it’s choosing what kind of coffee you want or deciding to buy a new car, it will always be important to know the “why” behind your decision. It’s important that you’re making your decision based on sound reasons, and not because of your emotions. Be logical and objective about your reasons. Why do you want to quit? What was the situation that pushed you to think about resigning? Are your reasons still valid even if your emotions have already subsided?

#2 Is my issue at work possible to be solved?

Think if the problem could still be fixed. Is it a temporary problem? Think about it.

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#3 What would my immediate plan be if I quit?

What are your plans once you quit, do you plan on getting a new job immediately? Do you already have some prospects in mind? If you’ve set your mind on quitting, then it’s best to have a good direction of where you’re going once you’ve quit.

#4 Is my current job holding me back from anything?

If your job is holding you back from being happy, like financially or from something you really want to do, then maybe it really is time to let go of that job. However, if you see this job as a stepping stone to get you where you want to be, you might want to think twice before leaving.

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#5 Am I financially prepared to be without a job right now?

Think how your lifestyle will be once you’ve quit your job. Make sure you have the right amount of savings that can last you ‘till you get a new job.

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  1. Nice! this article helps me a lot .. im in that current stage .. wew!.. quiting is never easy..

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