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A Very Honest Take on Being In A Relationship With An Engineer

This millennial nursing graduate from Cebu, Philippines shares what it really feels like to fall in love and go steady with an electronics engineer. Get ready for the #feels!

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This millennial nursing graduate from Cebu, Philippines shares what it really feels like to fall in love and go steady with an electronics engineer. Get ready for the #feels!

I am listening to the ticking of the clock as I am typing. In my head, I am running the gamut of conversational topics.

“What is it like?”

“Really, an engineer?”

“You’re one to eat pie, not to compute for it.”

“Are you still living on the `Nurses are for Engineers’ lane?”

“You clever girl, landing yourself an engineer.”

Now we may never know where this intimidation comes from but newsflash, you are not signing up for formula conversations or computing the exact time where the hour and minute hands become parallel to each other. Being with an engineer doesn’t mean engaging in conversations like, “hey, isn’t it funny that you have to multiply current and resistance to get the voltage? HAHA right? so wanna go to the movies with me?” Nope. I don’t think so too.

People don’t even narrow their dating list down to “engineers only”. Love whoever you want and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. But for us out of the engineering bubble, are we really lucky? Did we hit the jackpot?

No, this is not an article about finding “the one” or the right path to forever. Yes, this is a bird’s eye view on how extraordinary or bizarre you find everything to be when the object of your affection happens to be an engineer.

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The quest on finding your one true love seems similar to most people—professions aside. Once you have enjoyed and cherished singlehood, it’s now about how waking up to a smile and smiling automatically in response because he/she has that affect on you. It’s cliché but the dichotomy of an engineering love comes with an experience on what you find yourself becoming. It’s more than just hitting a home run.

It’s about maintaining an Instagram feed for the millennial that you are, having an Instagram hubby, and getting not only good photos but also proportionally, symmetrically perfect ones from your OOTDs down to those beautiful sunset horizons. Nothing irks an engineer more than a slanted wall no matter much you tell them you’re in it just for the pastel colors. When you’re trapped at work with all those deadlines and reports and all things strenuous, sure we all have a fair share of cute texts from the bae—about picking you up and seeing you for lunch or dinner. Not everyone gets the extra though. Those side notes telling you to look at any 20 ft. object for 20 seconds after spending 20 minutes in front of your computer. Bae just saved your whacking eyes! Didn’t even need a cape for that one, huh.

Like any other relationships, everything becomes so comfortable that you’d both rather stay at home cuddling than socializing. In those moments you will learn to appreciate every sunrise, sunset, and even the storm. For you are not going to waste time walking down your childhood fear lane, fretting over the lightning and thunder because your beau of an engineer already knows how far it is so you’d rather much enjoy a cup of coffee and watch Netflix. You are also free to sing “My Favorite Things” from The Sound Of Music if it helps you with the thunderbolts! *wink*

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At the end of the day, no matter how many crappy apple chargers he gets to save or how many shopping sale trips you enjoy because of the discounts and his exemplary computation skills, the most important thing is still having to recognize your sensation as pure, unadulterated love and those times in between.

Having an engineer by your side means constantly going through the motions. You are not a text book couple. Oftentimes you don’t see eye to eye, there’s no formula for that. But the sum of your choices define your lives. Your ability to commit, to constantly give the benefit of the doubt and choose each other, you will be able to grow together, find the love you have always wanted, and know how it’s like to live in a Jason Mraz song.

Article written by Ms. Nica Ubas.

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