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Five Ways To Improve New Office Security

Office security is a very topical thing in the world right now which is why people are coming up with interesting ideas every single day

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Office Security

Are you reading as a concerned business owner? Do you have concerns about office security? What steps have you taken to make sure your workplace is protected? These are just some of the questions you will have to answer when setting up a new office. Keep in mind; every locality has its pros and cons. Therefore you must check the criminal records of the new place where you’re setting up your office in. There are many ways with which one can protect the office from criminal activities. However, it is important to act upon some of the most concrete options.

In this article we will navigate you through some ways with which you can improve office security in a new place. An office is a workstation which is inhabited by many things such as expensive assets, laptops, computers, electronic devices, expensive furniture and a lot more. Burglars can break into such places easily. Therefore you must do something that makes the employees feel safe. Some of the ways to improve office security are:

1. Incorporate an electrical gate

Electrical gates have always been immensely important when it comes to magnifying the security of a property. Ever heard of turnstile gates? They allow one person to enter at a time. You can get one such gate for your front entrance and a backdoor from Daosafe website. With such gates even the security guard won’t have to worry about a lot of people flocking the entrance and entering in even numbers. DaoSafe has a vast array of designs and properties which can suffice for the security need of a property. Therefore you must incorporate a protective gate as a first option.

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2. Install CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are very important in this day and age to protect people. Unfortunately many companies often underestimate their benefits which is why they run in a lot of troubles later on. CCTV cameras should be installed outside the office and inside to know about the whereabouts of the employees and all the visitors who are entering the premises of the building. Through CCTV camera, a company gets to know about any possible danger that the building might have from outside. CCTV cameras record 24/7 footage and can be navigated in all positions.

3. Incorporate top-notch door locks

Door locks play a very important role in protecting an office building. However, not every room is going to have an electrical door lock. Some of the discreet rooms in the office which house important documents will surely need to have concrete door locks. If you have the traditional door locks in mind, they won’t help at all. Electrical door locks are pivotal in protecting the building and have a system which can be operated by the CEO of the company. Furthermore, if burglars or terrorists break into the office building, door locks can suddenly be activated to block entrance in all-important rooms.

4. Good lighting is necessary

Lights are not just a great renovation option but are equally important for maintaining workplace morale. If you haven’t seen the modern LED lights, you must check them online to see the different designs they come in. The best thing about such lights is that they can be incorporated in the interior and the exterior of the office. The modern styled LED lights come in a single pallet which has so many of them encrusted in it. In this way, a small space can lighten up easily. For office security, such lights must be installed in the lobby, back door entrance, front door entrance, accounts department, etc.

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5. Provide parking space to employees

The most important thing which possibly could be stolen in case of no parking provided by the company is your employee’s vehicle. The best idea to improve security of office for employees is to provide a parking space. An ideal parking lot will be able to provide relief to the employees with regards to their vehicle. If your office building is not spacious enough to provide a parking station for the employees, you must consider renting some space nearby for your employees. Some companies even have laws which provide complete coverage to the employees in case their car gets stolen.


Lastly, you must make sure that the office building has been made out of the finest material. Even the windows need to be properly insulated and well-built to protect the building from burglars breaking in. The protection of the workspace is not just important for the assets it has but also for the people who work there. Office security is a very topical thing in the world right now which is why people are coming up with interesting ideas every single day. With much advancement in technology, it is possible to track such people down, but it is better to devise strict security measures that prevent criminal events from taking place.

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